Tuesday, March 29, 2011

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things *Part V*

 Life has been really swell lately for me and Spring has only been adding to my current cheery demeanor. Things are just seeming brighter than normal these past few weeks, maybe it’s because even when your stressed it feels slightly less intense with the sun shining down on you then it does on a cold and rainy day. In light of these magical Spring powers afoot I want to spread some of my gleeful spirit to my readers and hopefully pass along a smile by posting my newest rendition of “My Favorite Things” in honor of Springtime 2011.
image1. A light floral perfume on your wrists and neck to coincide with the fresh Spring time air
2. Warm Spring showers. If the weather insists on raining then Spring rain is the best kind to have. Not too cold, not too hot and often results in a post shower rainbow. It’s a ‘Goldilocks’ dream come true.
image3 . Decompressing at the end of the week with a game night and best buddies. We usually have one every weekend and I love it ….probably because I ALWAYS win! (except at modesty that is)
4. Spending a quiet afternoon doing a fun DIY craft project you can display with pride once completed.
image5. Cherry blossom trees in their full pink blooming glory
6. Finding no bills when you check the mail, just the latest issue of your magazine subscription or a sweet card from a loved one
image 7. “The Art of Racing In The Rain” by Garth Stein. An adorable and at times quite sad little book that I think is a must have for any and all dog lovers alike. Just don’t forget the tissues.
8. Waking up naturally early Saturday morning thinking it’s a weekday then realizing, you can go back to sleep! Zzzzzz…
image9. Delicious, sugary, cavity inducing Cadbury Creme Eggs that are only here until Easter. Release the goo!
10. Enjoying the extra hour it stays daylight outside after the time change.
image 11. Spring cleaning, which most people probably don’t really enjoy doing but you get rid of so much excess clutter in the process which always feels amazing to donate to charity and gain extra space in your home for the things you really love.
12. Just the same as the birds returning, so does your garden.
So those are my current favorite things lately, most of them all thanks to Spring. Do you have any Spring time related favorites? Share them here and help spread the joy!

*Photo credits Elizabeth Arden, Hasbro, Amazon, Cadbury and Google Images*



Amber @ fromtheseeds said...

I love all of these things also!
So far I've only had one creme egg this spring, I think I need to get a few more in!
One thing I love about spring is that the days get longer, it feels like I have more time to get things done. I also love driving with the window rolled down a little. I got to do this Sunday, we had such nice weather<3

Sherri said...

Sounds like a great list!! I love that first picture of that little bunny-so cute!!

They call me aggie said...

The cherry blossoms are finally pink here too, and I love it! Now if only this rain would leave.

Della said...

Some of my springtime faves are baby animals, warmer weather, trees budding, and flowers blooming!

emily said...

Waking up on the weekend and thinking I have to get up and then realizing it's Saturday has to be one of the best feelings ever (any time of the year!). Peepsters (cholocate covered mini-peeps) are my fave Spring related thing right now! :)

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