Thursday, October 27, 2011

Chalkboard DIY

DSC00115 Chalkboards are soooo popular nowadays they are a dime a dozen. I never actually planned on making one, for no real reason, other than it just didn’t make it to my gigantic “wish list” list. However, on an outing with my fella for something entirely unrelated at a lumber store, creativity sparked and I was helpless to its will.
  DSC09944  Outside the store was a huge rack of mismatched cupboard doors marked down to as I call it, “Get it outta here!” prices. Crafting is best done when random sales are found and opportunities arise. I found this "40x"20 ivory cupboard door that had some brown discoloration on the panel. For $10 this baby was mine for the taking. I hadn’t come to any decision on what it would be used for but I knew I could put it to good use.
DSC09949The cabinet back had four holes drilled in which I knew would make for easy hanging. Once I settled on where I wanted to hang it, I decided on making it into a chalkboard. I figured all this crazed chalkboard-making hype must not be wrong, right?
       DSC09950 The door has great traditional lines which would actually look gorgeous in a kitchen with all its friends…. but hanging solo in my house will have to suffice. So, the project begins:
DSC00112First thing's first, I needed supplies. Pretty simple stuff involved; two cans of spray paint and some tape. I already had the paint and white paint from this previous project and just needed to buy the chalkboard paint. I went with spray paint rather than a can of paint because spray paint doesn’t leave brush strokes.
P.S. Black chalkboard spray paint is oddly hard to find in Canada. The only place we could it track down was at Rona.
     DSC00034  First step I did was spray paint the white around the outside of the frame. I didn’t tape it off for this step because it didn’t matter if paint got on the middle panel since it was going to be painted black later. Once you’re ready to paint the black then it’s time for taping. This process can be time consuming because you really have to make your lines straight and precise.
DSC00036After the blue tape, I taped some newspapers around the frame to cover the rest of the white. Very simple and better than wasting a ton of tape.
    DSC00045  My fella was on spray paint duty. He started with the edges to be sure it got a thorough coat and then filled in the middle.
DSC00049It took two coats before it didn’t look splotchy but once it was completed and the tape came off I was impressed. Suddenly, I fully understood the chalkboard rage!
DSC00114  What a beaut!

DSC00118The can of chalkboard spray painted suggested covering the entire board with chalk before using it.
DSC00122  Using a paper towel to wipe away the chalk you end up with a much more familiar looking board reminiscent of childhood school days.

DSC00105To make the door hangable (ya, that’s not a word) I attached these mean looking metal teeth to the back which I also picked up from Rona for about $2.
      DSC00107  Lastly I threw on some adhesive wall protectors and she’s ready to shine.
DSC00125I settled on the hallway as its new home since I have an abnormally small amount of free wall space in my casa because of an abundance doors, windows, closets etc. so this was basically the only place it would actually fit. Makes my decision process easy!
DSC00132 And thus, ends the tale of how this lonely kitchen cupboard got a simple makeover into a fun and useful chalkboard all for about $15 smack-a-roos.
Thanks for reading guys and stay tuned for some more projects I am working on as well as a few updates on the progress of my overall home! Feel free to comment and/or share your own personal DIY projects.

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Color Inspiration: Black



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Friday, October 14, 2011

“Revenge” Hamptons House Tour

This is a show my mom actually turned me onto watching after a bunch of pestering. She kept saying it was such a good show and I needed to watch it so I gave it a shot. We ll she was right but probably not for the reason she thinks (although it is an overall decent show plot wise too) If you’re anything like me then you are a total sucker for awesome sets in movies and on TV and Revenge does not disappoint. The show takes place in the Hamptons and there are some ridiculously beautiful homes in it. It’s always fun to tour these beauties so let’s take a peak around. First up is the Grayson mansion which is a sprawling classic shingle style Hamptons home:
r8Could you even imagine saying this was your home? It’s so over the top and gorgeous I could burst.

r4It’s funny because as soon as I saw the home I thought, “I LOVE THE TURRET!” and lucky for me, the evil she-devil character spends an awful lot of time out on it spying on her new young neighbor so I get plenty of time to gawk.
r13The foyer is as equally lovely as you might expect with trim panelled white walls and a beautiful staircase. the actual home they used to film the pilot in was featured in Wrightsville Beach Magazine so we can get an even better look at all the details.

r...The actual foyer in the home.

r14I added in a couple shots of them walking the staircase and hall just to give you a peak at some of the moulding  details as well as that little back corner lounging area in the picture below.

r6This is the living room as shot in the pilot which subtlety took on a new look for the second episode. In the pilot we see darker brown couches in the living room but they change for the next episode when the filming is moved to a sound stage.

r.   This gives you an awesome view of the real home from the kitchen point of view.

r7 I actually really liked the light fixtures they used, normally I’m not huge on that hive type looking pendants but these ones really made the space feel chic.

r9When Victoria has ladies over we get a larger look at her living room. The couches have been moved out and a chair brought in for each lady. She of course sits in the fanciest and most powerful looking seat.

r10 This is a great shot to see all the built-ins and wainscoting these homes are so famous for.

r18 For the second episode the couches become these cream colored over-stuffed pieces. I think they go quite well with the decor and actually fit Victoria’s personality as a “snob” better then the more hip feeling brown sofas.

r19Another change as you can see is that the staircase is suddenly open to the living room now. I can’t say I care for this look as much as the original but you hardly even notice with everything else going on. The home also features all the other classics of Hampton style homes like the transom windows and french doors. It’s all about light and airy when it comes to these spaces.
r16While Victoria and her husband have an argument you get the quickest little look into their master bedroom but fortunately we get a much better look at it thanks to the good people at Wrightsville Beach Magazine:

r11And with a home this size you know you’re bound to see one giant over the top lavatory. The facilities don’t disappoint with plenty of white wood and marble to go around.

Now for a look into the main character’s home which neighbor’s the Grayson mansion:
r21 This is a back shot of the home which in comparison is much much smaller but I would still be completely smitten living there.
       r2 The girl has an amazing water view with a gigantic wrap around porch to relax.

r3Oh, and she also has a pier to walk out on which you see her doing at night… and of course tear up a little out of pure jealously.

r22 Here’s a few shots of the interior which was kept fairly light and girly for the most part with a country sort of look to it.

 r17So that’s the main homes from the new show on ABC which I suggest tuning into if you have the time on Wednesday nights. What do you think? Are the homes your style or do you tend to like something totally different? Please let me hear your thoughts on it!

revengeP.S.One of my favorite parts of the whole show was the message you first read before you see or know about anything. I think it’s a very astute message so I wanted to share it with you folks.
Have an awesome, fabulous, amazing and all around righteous weekend my pretties!
(Photo credit City TV, Wrightsville Beach House Magazine, and Google Images)