Saturday, January 30, 2010

This Pure Girl Moment Brought To You By Disney Weddings

You always hear bride's on their wedding day say, "I feel like a princess!" Well now you can be one step even closer thanks to the good folks at Disney who have created a wedding apparel line for that special day. I have to admit when I first heard about it I chuckled to myself because I pictured exploding puffy nightmares but when I checked it out I was rather surprised. The line is actually decent in terms of wedding gowns and jewelry and being that there is a line themed for each princess you have a variety of styles to choose from. However, it is certainly not cheap. The rings range from $1,200-$6000 which is no spare change but probably fairly comparative to other sets from regular stores. I couldn't find much in the way of prices for gowns but I really like that they made a corresponding line for each set containing maidens gowns, flower girl dresses and plus size gowns along with some jewelry pieces to pick from. I chose some of my favorites from each princess line and all of the weddings ring sets to show to all of you. If you and your prince charming are planning on making it official I wouldn't count these out!


Beautiful sweetheart neckline, a really simple gown but so elegant.

I think this was the nicest engagement and wedding band set of all the other options.


There were many tiaras. I'm not big on them but this one was simple and pretty.


She is my favorite Disney princess but I was really disappointed in her dresses. This was the nicest one she had but I wasn't head over heels for it. I expected more grandeur and to really play up the ball gown look.

Belle did have the best maiden gowns of the bunch, these two were breath taking.

Loving the wedding band.

This necklace reminded me of something you would see at Harry Winston or Tiffanys.

Hair pin


A fun and playful dress. It would look adorable in a summer wedding outdoors in a garden.

Fabulous blue on this little number.


Most dresses I see don't really need an eye catching necklace unless they're really simple because the gown speaks for itself. Simple necklaces like this are always a keeper for a little extra razzle dazzle down the aisle without distracting from the dress or the bride herself.


This gown looks Grecian to me, especially with the hair done like that.

I think purple is a fail safe colour for women because it looks good on everyone. This knock out plum coloured beauty does not disappoint.

Princess Blossom Dress


This was my favorite gown. I'm in love with a capped sleeve, it's so feminine and classy. I hope I can find (and fit into!) a dress this gorgeous if I get married.

A really fun and flirty strapless tea length maids dress. This would look fantastic in an Autumn or Spring wedding.

Of course you need a "princess" cut engagement ring!

Stunning classic pearl drop earrings would pair perfectly with the sleeping beauty gown.

Snow White

Most of Snow White's gowns were a touch ho-hum but some brides love a clean simple look so these are catering to those ladies.

Wouldn't this wine coloured maiden's dress look awesome in a winter wedding? It looks like a dress you may actually be able to re-wear too!

Princess Blossom Dress

Hair Pin

Disney also makes veils to go with their line but they are not princess specific. This one was my favorite, the rest are pretty standard as far as veils go.

All of these photos are courtesy of (Kristie Kelly for Disney by Mouawad)


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Let's Get Carried Away.... Again!

I am a huge Sex and the City fan so I am on pins and needles waiting for my next dose of the four New York ladies lives. For all my fellow fans out there I thought I would put up some of my favorite shots and quotes (plus be sure to watch the SATC2 trailer below!) to enjoy and hold you over until the premiere in May this year. All quotes and pictures are courtesy of Warner Brothers, IMDB and Vogue.

Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kristen Davis

There's rumored to be lots of guest spots in the movie including Penelope Cruz, Miley Cyrus and Liza Minnelli.

It's also rumored that we are going to find out how and when (ahem... the 80's perhaps?) that the ladies met and became friends.

I always wondered where Carrie got her metallic outfit on the poster of the first movie. It reminds me of the dresses my grandma use to wear but Carrie pulls it off as usual. I am in love with Miranda's dress here.

"Year after year, twenty-something women come to New York City in search of the two L's: labels and love."

"Ever Thine, Ever Mine, Ever Ours."

"And we were dressed from head to toe in love... the only label that never goes out of style."

And here is your sneak peek trailer at the new movie out May 2010!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Bucket List

Last night I watched "The Bucket List" and for those of you who haven't seen it, you need to. There are few too many films that really touch you and make you look at life in a different way but this is one. It stars Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson as two dying men given approx six months to live before cancer takes their lives. They create a list of things they want to accomplish before they kick the proverbial bucket and because Nicholson's character happens to be a wealthy man they can afford to make that list happen. It really is an inspiring movie that you will watch again and again.
Of course, you can't help but start thinking of your own mortality and all the important things you have yet to do but want to. Writing a list of those things is really the most personal thing you can do let alone sharing it. I started scribbling out some ideas of my own hopes but being that I am in my early twenties my list grew to an incredible size fast. There is so much I hope to do so I thought I would share my bucket list with whoever would like to read it and I would really love to hear some of the things on your lists even if it's just one or any comments you may have about my list. I encourage everyone reading this to make a list and pick one thing on it to do right now. I am and I already feel great about it. Here's my list of 60 (and growing) things I hope to do before my number is up, in no particular order:

1. Cook something really hard to make and nail it out of the park
2. Get recognized by a complete stranger
3. Be in the audience of a talk show
4. Learn another language
5. Feel weightlessness
6. Buy our very own house

7. Make love on the kitchen floor of our very own house
8. Learn to juggle
9. Do something selfless just because
10. Reach 100 followers on my blog
11. Love myself just as I am
12.Experience a Japanese tea ceremony in a kimono
13. Bring joy to stranger’s life
14. Plant a tree
15. Stand on the North or South Pole
16. Grow a small vegetable garden in my backyard
17. Travel somewhere far via train
18. Learn to waltz
19. Meet Celine Dion
20. Overcome anxiety
21. Read the bible
22. Taste authentic Italian gelato
23. Drive down an empty dirt road in a convertible
24. Write a novel I know is somewhere deep inside me
25. Inspire someone, no matter how small
26. Go to Africa and see a safari

27. Learn to change a tire
28. Ride an elephant or camel
29. Find what makes me happy in life and hold on to it
30. Make sure every person I love knows just how much they are loved
31. Spend a whole day (guilt free) with a cup of tea and a classic book

32. Live in another country for a few months or more
33. See an opera or symphony performance in person
34. Travel the world starting with my country: Canada. Then visit every continent collecting soil from each place as a memento
35. Learn to sew

36. Fall in love all over again with my guy
37. See one of my favourite artist’s paintings in person
38. Feel absolutely beautiful for one whole day
39. Make love in Paris
40. Give life
41. Walk along the Great Wall of China
42. Ride in a hot air balloon
43. Get utterly and completely lost just for fun
44. Rescue an otherwise unloved animal and give it the love it deserves
45. Have absolutely anything big or small that I wrote published
46. Witness a miracle
47. Walk in someone else's shoes for a day
48. Make a stranger laugh
49. Sleep under the stars
50. Be a good mother
51. Donate my time for a worthy cause
52. Go for a walk in pouring rain
53. Become friends with my Mother in law
54. Jump and splash in a really big puddle
55. Read the great classics of literature
56. Visit a grave of someone famous
57. Throw a surprise party for someone
58. Conquer a fear
59. Take the high road in a difficult situation
60. Go on a gondola ride in Venice

Any thoughts on your hopes and goals before your time is up? Please share!