Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Eggplant Parmigiana & Garlic Bread In The Kitchen

With fall coming full steam ahead this Italian vegetarian friendly dish is always a pleaser over here- and fun to say! It’s so easy to make and tastes great every single time. The best part about this particular method is it’s baked rather than fried so, your saving yourself a ton of calories and self-loathing for later.
The most time consuming part of the dish is peeling and sweating the eggplant and even that only takes about ten minutes.
Then comes the breading of the eggplant which is simple and kid friendly in case there are any little hands that want to help.
I like this part a lot because for some reason bread crumbs smell amazing to me. The eggplant should be laid out on a baking sheet and baked in a 350 degree oven for 10 minutes, flipping the pieces in the middle.
Excuse my towering shadow. Fill your baking dish with a layer of  tomato sauce.
Then the layering begins. Little pieces work great for gaps in the dish.
Sprinkle on some shredded mozzarella and if you like it extra cheesy, parmesan. (I save the parmesan for just the top myself.) Then another layer of tomato sauce and repeat until you are out of eggplant.
Eventually you will end up with this gooey looking cheesy result.
Sprinkle on some pepper and basil and pop her in the oven to start filling your house with an stomach-grumble inducing aroma.
For the garlic bread I improvised with what I had and it turned out pretty tasty. I had a doughy loaf of whole wheat bread so I slathered a few slices in butter then sprinkled on some dried basil and fresh minced garlic.
Lay them on a baking sheet and they will catch the last 10-15 minute ride with the eggplant parmesan.
I don’t cover my eggplant with foil because I like my cheese brown and crispy. For the last 10 minutes set the stove to broil for extra golden brown goodness.
Honestly, the smell of this is so intoxicating.
And your bread should be ready when it looks nice and brown. Perfect for dipping in the sauce.
Once you’ve piled away some of this goodness into your tum you will probably need a serious lie down.
Don’t be afraid to unbutton those pants and really let loose while your tum does it’s handy work.
Eggplant Parmigiana:
1 medium eggplant, peeled and sliced (1/2 inch thick)
1 egg
1 cup bread crumbs
1 jar tomato sauce or home made sauce
2 cups shredded mozzarella
1 cup parmesan cheese
2 tbsp dried basil
1 tsp black pepper
Garlic Bread:
5 slices of whatever bread you like
5 tbsp butter or margarine
2 tbsp minced garlic
1 tbsp dried basil
Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Lay eggplant pieces out and sprinkle with salt. Wait five minutes and dab dry then flip and repeat on opposite side. Whip the egg and dip the slices into egg, moistening on both sides. Mix one tbsp basil into bread crumbs and coat slices on both sides then lay them out on a baking sheet. Bake slices for five minutes in your preheated oven, flip and bake for another five minutes. Meanwhile pour a thin layer of tomato sauce in bottom of your baking dish. Remove slices from the oven and place a single layer in the dish. Top with some mozzarella and parmesan cheese then another layer of tomato sauce. Repeat until you are out of eggplant and end up with cheese as your top layer. Sprinkle with remaining dried basil and black pepper on top and put in oven for 30-35 minutes until cheese is melted and bubbly. Meanwhile spread bread slices with butter, garlic and basil and lay on the baking sheet. Put in the oven for last ten of the 35 minute eggplant baking. Remove garlic bread and set oven to broil for ten minutes. Take eggplant parmigiana out of oven when browned to your liking and let cool before serving.
A big glass of red wine with this dish is bellissimo. Mangia!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

-Snapshot Of The Week-


“You never have sex the way people do in the movies. You don't do it on the floor, you don't do it standing up, you don't always have all your clothes off, you don't happen to have on all the sexy lingerie. You know, if anybody ever ripped my clothes, I'd kill them.”

-Ms Julianne Moore

Friday, August 27, 2010

This Pure Girl Moment Brought To You By Tiffany’s

What girl doesn’t like a little flash? A little sparkle? A little razz-ma-tazz? I first learned about the store Tiffany’s, after watching that classic Audrey Hepburn movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” when I was a young girl. One of my favorite parts was when they went into Tiffany’s and could only afford to spend $10 so they had the cracker jack box ring engraved. The man working the counter tells them, “Well, it is rather unusual, Madam, but I think you’ll find that Tiffany’s is very understanding.” What a nice chap eh? Today I want to share some of my favorite Tiffany’s items that don’t quite fall under the $10 price cap but they do fall under squeal with glee and forget your own name!

Imported Tiffany Diamond Ring $6,930,000

Above is the priciest ring at Tiffany’s. It’s an “Imported Tiffany Diamond Ring” and costs $6,930,000. Could you imagine walking around with that hum-dinger on your hand? Probably break it right off.

Jean Schlumberger Four Leaves Ring $9,350

This leafy beauty is called the “Jean Schlumberger Four Leaves Ring” and comes in at $9,350 which is relatively tame compared to it’s little friend above.

Tiffany Novo $13,300 Tiffany Novo $13,300 2

I included this sparkly set because it’s my dream wedding band and engagement ring set (if I had money coming out the rear and a fella that would quit dragging his feet in the nuptials department) It’s the “Tiffany’s Novo” wedding set and costs $13,300… and would look perfect on my dainty finger.

Lucida Diamond Pendant $220,000

Now for some necklace ogling. This delicate piece is called the “Lucida Diamond Pendant” and will cost ya $220,000.

Tiffanys Green Tourmaline Pendant $105,000

I love a little colour in my jewellery and green is flattering on everyone so you can’t miss with this stunner. It’s called “Tiffany’s Green Tourmaline Pendant” at $105,000.

Tiffany Majestic Diamond Necklace $1,650,000

I’m not a flashy person but something about this necklace grabbed my eye and now I just can’t look away. It’s elegant yet fierce with it’s sharp points. It’s called the “Tiffany Majestic Diamond Necklace” and will take you for a cool $1,650,000.

Tiffanys Morganite Swag Necklace $20,500

For the girly girls like myself, this drop necklace is perfect. It’s just so dang feminine and pretty. It’s called “Tiffany’s Morganite Swag Necklace” and will set you back $20,500. I’d sell my car for this necklace, heck I’d sell my soul for this pink beauty.

Paloma's Marrakesh earrings $1,800

These Moroccan inspired earrings immediately caught my eye. They seem like the perfect Summer accessory. They’re called “Paloma’s Marrakesh Earrings” and cost $1,800.

Christmas Tree Charm Bracelet $4,550

And lastly, because I’m a sucker for anything Christmas and this was just so darn cute I’m including this “Christmas Tree Charm Bracelet.” To get the charm and the chain together it will cost $4,550.

What are your thoughts on expensive jewellery? Would you spend the dough if you had it or would it be better spent somewhere else? I think I’d go for one or two pieces I really loved and bring them out on special occasions… or when I need a pick me up.

As much as I wish this wasn't true, Tiffany's has no affiliation with Reckless Bliss and thus I receive no compensation to sing their praises. I'm just a gal who enjoys a good diamond every now and then.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Giveaway Winner!

It’s time again to announce a lucky winner from my latest giveaway. The winner of this giveaway will be receiving a handmade bib necklace and two handmade flower brooches from the Etsy store Feltluv. And the winner is….


Deanna who said she would like to see more, “designer fashions. I'm a new follower so I'll check it out more and give you better feedback.”


Congrats to Ms Deanna and thanks a bunch to all the people who entered. Stay tuned for more giveaways coming soon!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

-Snapshot Of The Week-


“I don't know what it means to be a sex symbol. When I look myself on a magazine cover I don't see it as me, but as someone painted, fluffed, puffed and done up.”

-Ms Jennifer Aniston

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Le Boudoir

I just wanted to share a quick post with you all on what I’ve been digging lately for the design of the master bedroom. These are pictures I’ve come across in my travels, some I’ve had for years and some are brand new. Bedrooms that look comfy like you could walk in and flop down are always my favourite. Because of that I tend to lean more towards traditional bedroom styles over anything that requires more of a streamline look. There’s no set rules for traditional bedrooms just mix lots of plush pillows and billowy blankies make for a mash up of cozy and  comfortable. Take a look and see if any grab your eye like they did mine.
This is one I’ve had for ages, usually I’ll get sick of an old pictures and be heavy on the delete button but this one has stood the test of time. There’s something so clean and classic about it. I’m a sucker for old Hollywood anything, so those black and white framed photos on the wall are a perfect touch. Plus, I want to swan dive off a cliff into that bed.
Bedroom (15)
Bedroom (30) 
This room was so cheery and bright, it looked like the perfect beach house room.
Bedroom (29)
Again with the old Hollywood, love it! I think I can name every person in those pictures. This room is the most contemporary of the bunch, I was drawn to it because of the warmth the desk and symmetrical frames added. The moulding on the walls helps to make the room feel a little more traditional while pieces like the bed and desk lamp touch more on the contemporary side. I think it’s a really great melding of the two.
One of my most favourite colours ever is plum. I love the richness it has so when I saw this bed with the plum coloured headboard and cream linens I was sold.
There’s nothing about this room I don’t like. It’s simple and gorgeous.
I believe this is from the Cindy Crawford furniture collection. I liked this room because it’s pretty but also works for a fellar.
.hjm .ccbed2
The first one looks a little hotel room-ish but it’s a good room to reference to get some ideas for colours and patterns to use. The second is a Candice Olson bedroom and of course Candice does it again, that woman is a genius.
Bedroom (6)
A Restoration Hardware bedroom.
This is a Sarah Richardson room. I love four poster beds but you need a good size room to make it work otherwise it’s crowded and overpowering. This one works beautifully!
Bedroom (2) 
Hanging a chandelier instead of a lamp is gorgeous way to save space on those tiny bedside tables and add points of interest to feature your room.
Another masterpiece by Ms Candice Olson. I’m not sure what the back flower wall is made from but having it above the bed makes it so you don’t need to have a headboard.
What’s your favourite bedroom style? Are you a comfortable kinda person or do you go for the more stylish sleek look?

Monday, August 16, 2010

It’s Giveaway Day!


Hello all my beautiful followers! Today I am rather pleased to offer you all another great giveaway just in time for the premiere of the new look of Reckless Bliss. “Oooh! Ahhh!” Amber from the adorable new etsy shop “Feltluv” has been kind enough to offer up some great accessory pieces she hand makes. Amber specialize in crafting felt based embellishments tailored to make any outfit, casual or formal, absolutely perfect. Let’s first have a look at some of her creations:


Bright Pink Flower Headband


Lavender Felt Flower Necklace


Felt Heart Brooch


Felt Headbands (Set of Four)


Pink Flower Necklace Trio

These fun designs are perfect for women and kiddies alike. Check out her store for even more purdy items. As an added bonus, for the entire week this contest is open if you make a purchase from Feltluv and mention Reckless Bliss you will receive a free gift!

Up for grabs in this contest is a small bundle that includes the beaded felt bib necklace and two, count’em TWO flower brooches that you see below.


This necklace is all hand beaded with TLC.


Too cute!


The brooches are like your grown up “best friend necklaces.” Remember those from the good ole’ days of juice boxes and jungle gyms? One for you and one for your bestest friend forever. Or maybe one for you and one for your daughter to match and be tooth achingly sweet? Any way you swing it, these brooches are the bees knees.