Thursday, August 5, 2010

Tennessee Castle For Sale


When I came across this castle for sale I immediately thought about every Disney princess movie I ever watched so I knew I had to share with you readers. I think even as an adult, I could spend countless hours playing make believe and waiting for my prince in that tower. Not exactly my proudest feminist or empowering moment but fun nonetheless!

image image

The castle is on a lake in Johnson City, Tennessee. As far as the price of castles go this one is probably considered cheap at $19.5 million.

image image

That lake is so purdy I could tear. I want to throw a ball in it and watch my imaginary dog dive in after it.

image image

“Oh Cinderella, can you come down here for a moment and try on this glass slipper?”


image image

Look at those two domineering chairs in the corner beside the fireplace. They intimidate me. The castle has imported fireplace mantels, Italian marble and hardwood floors, swimming pool, a private boathouse, stain glass windows and home theatre. Natch!


Only the best screen to watch those Princesses get their Princes.


The decadence, the splendour, the majesty, the grandeur, the adjectives, oh my!

Could you live in this or any other castle? Like I need to even ask.


Anonymous said...

Sweet golly! I love that it's in Tennessee. So obscure hehe. I love the shot down that corridor, with the stone floors and the white walls, it looks like an endless row of windows. I can imagine myself strolling down there in a beautiful dress, waiting for my prince.

Mimi said...

oh my, it really is a real disney castle come to life! :D

<3, Mimi

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