Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Le Boudoir

I just wanted to share a quick post with you all on what I’ve been digging lately for the design of the master bedroom. These are pictures I’ve come across in my travels, some I’ve had for years and some are brand new. Bedrooms that look comfy like you could walk in and flop down are always my favourite. Because of that I tend to lean more towards traditional bedroom styles over anything that requires more of a streamline look. There’s no set rules for traditional bedrooms just mix lots of plush pillows and billowy blankies make for a mash up of cozy and  comfortable. Take a look and see if any grab your eye like they did mine.
This is one I’ve had for ages, usually I’ll get sick of an old pictures and be heavy on the delete button but this one has stood the test of time. There’s something so clean and classic about it. I’m a sucker for old Hollywood anything, so those black and white framed photos on the wall are a perfect touch. Plus, I want to swan dive off a cliff into that bed.
Bedroom (15)
Bedroom (30) 
This room was so cheery and bright, it looked like the perfect beach house room.
Bedroom (29)
Again with the old Hollywood, love it! I think I can name every person in those pictures. This room is the most contemporary of the bunch, I was drawn to it because of the warmth the desk and symmetrical frames added. The moulding on the walls helps to make the room feel a little more traditional while pieces like the bed and desk lamp touch more on the contemporary side. I think it’s a really great melding of the two.
One of my most favourite colours ever is plum. I love the richness it has so when I saw this bed with the plum coloured headboard and cream linens I was sold.
There’s nothing about this room I don’t like. It’s simple and gorgeous.
I believe this is from the Cindy Crawford furniture collection. I liked this room because it’s pretty but also works for a fellar.
.hjm .ccbed2
The first one looks a little hotel room-ish but it’s a good room to reference to get some ideas for colours and patterns to use. The second is a Candice Olson bedroom and of course Candice does it again, that woman is a genius.
Bedroom (6)
A Restoration Hardware bedroom.
This is a Sarah Richardson room. I love four poster beds but you need a good size room to make it work otherwise it’s crowded and overpowering. This one works beautifully!
Bedroom (2) 
Hanging a chandelier instead of a lamp is gorgeous way to save space on those tiny bedside tables and add points of interest to feature your room.
Another masterpiece by Ms Candice Olson. I’m not sure what the back flower wall is made from but having it above the bed makes it so you don’t need to have a headboard.
What’s your favourite bedroom style? Are you a comfortable kinda person or do you go for the more stylish sleek look?


Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

My poor bedroom has been on my makeovers-to-do list for ages now and it's just pathetic. I keep getting distracted by projects in other rooms instead. Love all these examples you showed. I think I'd like to having something really serene and simple but kind of romantic (not too sleek). One of these days I'll get to it!

Anonymous said...

I looove that flower wall. I think it'd be pretty in a light green too. I really like how different it is but still really fits the space.

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