Friday, August 27, 2010

This Pure Girl Moment Brought To You By Tiffany’s

What girl doesn’t like a little flash? A little sparkle? A little razz-ma-tazz? I first learned about the store Tiffany’s, after watching that classic Audrey Hepburn movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” when I was a young girl. One of my favorite parts was when they went into Tiffany’s and could only afford to spend $10 so they had the cracker jack box ring engraved. The man working the counter tells them, “Well, it is rather unusual, Madam, but I think you’ll find that Tiffany’s is very understanding.” What a nice chap eh? Today I want to share some of my favorite Tiffany’s items that don’t quite fall under the $10 price cap but they do fall under squeal with glee and forget your own name!

Imported Tiffany Diamond Ring $6,930,000

Above is the priciest ring at Tiffany’s. It’s an “Imported Tiffany Diamond Ring” and costs $6,930,000. Could you imagine walking around with that hum-dinger on your hand? Probably break it right off.

Jean Schlumberger Four Leaves Ring $9,350

This leafy beauty is called the “Jean Schlumberger Four Leaves Ring” and comes in at $9,350 which is relatively tame compared to it’s little friend above.

Tiffany Novo $13,300 Tiffany Novo $13,300 2

I included this sparkly set because it’s my dream wedding band and engagement ring set (if I had money coming out the rear and a fella that would quit dragging his feet in the nuptials department) It’s the “Tiffany’s Novo” wedding set and costs $13,300… and would look perfect on my dainty finger.

Lucida Diamond Pendant $220,000

Now for some necklace ogling. This delicate piece is called the “Lucida Diamond Pendant” and will cost ya $220,000.

Tiffanys Green Tourmaline Pendant $105,000

I love a little colour in my jewellery and green is flattering on everyone so you can’t miss with this stunner. It’s called “Tiffany’s Green Tourmaline Pendant” at $105,000.

Tiffany Majestic Diamond Necklace $1,650,000

I’m not a flashy person but something about this necklace grabbed my eye and now I just can’t look away. It’s elegant yet fierce with it’s sharp points. It’s called the “Tiffany Majestic Diamond Necklace” and will take you for a cool $1,650,000.

Tiffanys Morganite Swag Necklace $20,500

For the girly girls like myself, this drop necklace is perfect. It’s just so dang feminine and pretty. It’s called “Tiffany’s Morganite Swag Necklace” and will set you back $20,500. I’d sell my car for this necklace, heck I’d sell my soul for this pink beauty.

Paloma's Marrakesh earrings $1,800

These Moroccan inspired earrings immediately caught my eye. They seem like the perfect Summer accessory. They’re called “Paloma’s Marrakesh Earrings” and cost $1,800.

Christmas Tree Charm Bracelet $4,550

And lastly, because I’m a sucker for anything Christmas and this was just so darn cute I’m including this “Christmas Tree Charm Bracelet.” To get the charm and the chain together it will cost $4,550.

What are your thoughts on expensive jewellery? Would you spend the dough if you had it or would it be better spent somewhere else? I think I’d go for one or two pieces I really loved and bring them out on special occasions… or when I need a pick me up.

As much as I wish this wasn't true, Tiffany's has no affiliation with Reckless Bliss and thus I receive no compensation to sing their praises. I'm just a gal who enjoys a good diamond every now and then.


Shelley said...

They are beautiful but I would never spend that much money on jewelry even if I had it to spend. There are so many other, better things to spend money on. You starving children and people without clothes or clean water to drink? Or breast cancer support or even animal shelters! Just my opinion though.

Mimi said...

aaahh, all these pieces took my breath away!

<3, Mimi

recklessbliss said...

I agree Shelley, there are definitely more important things to spend money on but why not do both if you can afford it? You've got to treat yourself sometimes too. I think if I were rich, any luxury I bought I would also donate that much or more to charity. Alleviate some of the guilt lol.

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