Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It’s Giveaway Day!

image After taking a little break from giveaways I decided it was time to once again treat my followers to a great prize and what better way to do that then to shower you in luxurious scented soaps? Milk and Honey Soaps was gracious enough to offer Reckless Bliss 4 of their delicious soaps to giveaway to one lucky reader. These soaps are all handmade with love and smell absolutely divine. (Yes I have smelled them! I’m a big fan myself)
imageIf you feel like you can’t wait and take your chances in the contest then you can score any soap from the store at 10% less than the listed price with the code “RECKLESSBLISS10” at checkout for the duration of this giveaway. (Milk and Honey Soaps is also having a $3 sale on select soaps right now so there’s even more savings to be had!)
imageimage Or maybe you want to try a whole bunch of different scents to narrow down your favorites? If that’s the case then you are in luck because Milk and Honey Soaps offers smaller sliver samples of any scent that tickles your fancy.
imageimage My favorite soaps are the rich spicy scents like this Apple Cinnamon Bar (above) or Red Currant Thyme Tea Bar (Below) 
imageimageI think these pink soaps are adorable for the girly-girl bathroom or kitchen. They would make great gifts for a lady in your life as well. Mother’s day is coming up fast!
imageimage    There’s plenty of options for the men in your life too. Milk and Honey Soaps offers more masculine scents like the Brown Sugar Goat’s Milk Bar and the Tea Tree Oil Shave Soap. Don’t be afraid to cut yourself off a little slice of these soaps either because they’re still gentle enough for delicate lady skin too.
imageNow for the good stuff. Milk and Honey Soaps is giving the winner of this giveaway 4 fabulous soaps in these scents:
1 The Vanilla Goat's Milk Bar
1 The Goat's Milk Oat and Honey Bar
1 The Vanilla Goat's Milk Honey Bar
1 The Oat and Honey Bar
These subtle scents will leave you feeling clean and refreshed all day and are great to use for men and women alike. 


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I entered for this wonderful giveaway! I just love soaps!! Thanks for sharing the etsy site with us.

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