Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Jennifer Aniston’s $42 Million Home For Sale

imageAccording to, Jennifer Aniston has recently put her Beverly Hill, Ca mansion up for sale with a price tag of $42 mill. Aniston dubbed the home “Ohana” which means “extended family” in Hawaiian. 
image The home is 10,000 sq ft containing five bedrooms, seven and a half bath, a multi-million dollar equipment room, staff room and three car garage.
image Aniston paid $13.5 million in 2006 and spent a large amount of time renovating before she actually moved into her new home in 2009. Seems like she put so much time and effort into it just to sell it two years later. Maybe she gets bored fast and needs to change it up. She will certainly be making a hefty profit if it sells where it’s priced at.
image This was my favorite image of the interior. It feels really Hollywood glamour (and of course that means plenty of mirrors to admire ones self) That light fixture is also really unique and differs from the average chandelier but it still adds a touch of elegance to the space.
image We all know Aniston is in part famous for being single so this tidbit came as no big shock. has said that, “the master bedroom claims two bathrooms that were formerly arranged as a his-and-hers pair.  The very publicly single Aniston did away with the couples-style loo. Instead she converted the “his” bathroom into an indoor spa room fit for an independent working woman of Hollywood, with an imported Japanese soaking tub reported to have “special healing effects” for the body.”
image Don’t bother trying to break in to Aniston’s mansion either. She has top of the line biometric finger print reorganization technology that James Bond himself would have trouble surpassing.
image Aniston renovated the home with a environmental conscious mind and tried to incorporate smart house technology. It doesn’t qualify as an actual certified green home but it’s always nice to hear about the rich and famous caring about these subjects.
JA What do you think of the earthy feeling abode, worth $42 mill? Could you see yourself living here? If you would like to see more pictures and information on Jennifer Aniston’s sprawling California mansion then go to
*Photo credits Forbes & Google Images*



Shelley said...

Yikes, that's a lot of money for a 5 bedroom home! It is beautiful though!

Amber @ fromtheseeds said...

The home is so beautiful but it feels way too large scale for me! It seems like it would be hard to nest in there with all that space. Smart lady though if she gets her selling price for it, that's good investing.

Anonymous said...

She's classy all the way... don't you just wish she was your friend? I do!

Calvin Mordarski said...

Yeah, it's good to hear that even the rich and the famous like Jennifer Aniston are contributing to help the environment. Though the house is not actually certified green, the next-owner can start the renovation and make this home more energy-efficient.

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