Wednesday, March 23, 2011

“Modern Family” Dining Room Chairs

imageSet decor of Modern Family has been a fun project for me. Everyday I get questions about where to go for the items in and around the homes and it’s always exciting to help out people on their design hunts. But every once and awhile I get a little help back from my lovely readers.
napoleon A very helpful reader has given me a hot tip about the whereabouts of the elusive Modern Family dining room chairs I get asked about very often. The chairs have changed from a rounded back to this more square shaped design and people are loving it. 
image As it turns out these honeys were right under my nose the whole time.
image You can find this chair from our old friends at Pottery Barn. It’s called the Napoleon Upholstered Chair which is an intriguing name.
imageIt retails for $199-$279 and comes in an array of colors. This white version is closest to the ones in Modern Family as I think the set designers have done a little work to their version with some paint to make it look more worn in and homey (which could easily be done by you as well).
I’ve updated the “Modern Family” tab with this new info so stop by there for it and much more on these beautiful homes. A big thanks to my reader elves who keep me in the loop of their findings.
*Photo credit Pottery Barn and Richard Berg*



Amber @ fromtheseeds said...

Love these chairs!

Lynne said...

So pleased to meet you! Thank you for dropping by 34th Street! I love your blog! It's filled with inspiration and fun! I'll be popping by again!
*Lynne* {w/l}

mybelleepoque said...

Ok- I LOVE the style of the Modern Family set- I wish my house looked like that :) Thanks so much for stopping by :)

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