Wednesday, December 22, 2010

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things *Part IV*

With Christmas fast approaching I thought I would do another addition of “My Favorite Things.” As you may of guessed these are a dozen of my favorite Christmas things!:
1. Christmas movies, Christmas movies and more Christmas movies (I’ve seen National Lampoons Christmas and  A Christmas Story at least 200 times!)
2. Receiving Christmas cards. I never throw any out, I LOVE getting and sending them!
3. Getting to spoil the people I love with gifts and treats. I love a good ribbon prettying up the present too.
4. Starbucks changing their cups to a Christmas theme. Not to mention filling said cups with delicious holiday themed drinks. Eggnog latte anyone?
IMG_3135 IMG_3128
5. The Christmas Tree! It’s probably the most exciting part for me. I have so many ornaments now that I try to stick with a theme every year. This year I went gold and burgundy with ribbon garland. Thoughts? (Excuse the darkness, my camera is not so great) See my trees of Christmas past here.
6. The cheerful and charitable mood most people carry around with them during the season. So refreshing.
7. This gift set from Philosophy called “Snow Angel” is one of my very favorite holiday things. It’s really fresh and clean but has a nice light feminine scent. I was lucky enough to get it as an early Christmas gift from my best friend and I kid you not, I’ve never smelled better!
8. A relaxing Christmas morning with family, especially when my Mother-in-law makes breakfast. That woman can cook!
9. Speaking of food, Christmas baking please. AND the fact that it’s cold enough outside that I can wear a sweater to try to hide the aftermath of eating so much baked goodness. God was thinking of us sweet toothed people on that one, I’m sure of it. Yesterday I made sugar cookies for my fella to take to the office with him. I took some pictures but my camera seems to have lost them which bummed me out. Regardless they turned out pretty great and everyone loves a cookie!
10. Not feeling like a weirdo because I’m listening to Christmas music. Every other month I put it on I feel a little dorky… but it’s such an instant mood booster. If you’re in the market for some holiday music I highly suggest “Elvis Christmas” or “Celine: These Are Special Times.” Both amazing!
image image
11. All my favorite shows air a Christmas episode. The amount of joy that brings me is truly pathetic but I could click my heels when I know there’s a Christmas themed episode on, even if it’s just a rerun.
12. My last favorite Christmas thing is that rare occasion that it snows and makes for a white Christmas. It’s so breath taking it’s completely worth the hassle of shoveling and scraping.
So those are some of my faves; do you have any personal favorite things about this holly jolly season? Feel free to share in the good thoughts!



Beth McC. said...

What a fun post! Love it! I got that Snow Angel set in San Francisco and I LOVE IT!!! It smells so good!

recklessbliss said...

Thanks Beth! I agree, Snow Angel is so divine. Apparently it's pretty hard to come by too; it flies off the shelves when they get it in. My friend had to look at three different places to find mine! Makes it extra special :)

Amber @ fromtheseeds said...

Merry Christmas Recklessbliss! Love yah!

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