Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tab-ulous Pages!

The look of Reckless Bliss has changed a little bit for the ease of you lovely people. I added tabs for compilations of my most popular pages. Every time I do a post on one of those subjects it will be posted to the main Reckless Bliss home page as well as added to the designated page. 
I’ll take you on a quick walk through each new page:
The first tab is pretty straight forward. “Home” meaning click it and you will be diverted back to the Reckless Bliss homepage.
The next tab is my most popular subject and inspired the idea behind the tabs. “Modern Family Designs” is a collection of all the posts and info I have gathered since I started researching the set design of the popular ABC sitcom. There you will find photos of each home featured on the show as well some ideas on how to recreate the look in your home.
The third tab is called “Design Schemes” which consists of all the mood boards I have created in various styles. Here you will find some ideas for your living rooms, bedrooms and more. I am also available to do a custom room for your specific needs should you need some help.
The next tab is “Fashion.” This tab is all the “Pure Girl Moment” posts I have created since I started this blog. My favorite fashions, beauty supplies and bridal gear are compiled for your browsing ease and enjoyment.
The fifth tab is “Support RB” and here you will find all the helpful ways you can show the love for Reckless Bliss. I am always looking to expand this blog and reach more people so if you would like to help with this then click the tab for a number of ways you can do so (thank you in advance!)
The last tab is “Contact RB” which is also fairly straight forward. If you need design advice for your home, have a question or would just like a way to contact me privately then you are more than welcome to do so by using this tab.
I’m excited to see how the tabs work out and hope that they make it easier to find exactly what tickles your fancy. Over time I will be adding more pages to take you straight to where you want to go. Of course the comments are still open to the public and I love hearing from you. A big thank you and a Merry Christmas to all my followers and readers!
Thanks for your support and loyalty!


Sherri said...

Love the new changes!!

Amber @ fromtheseeds said...

Very cool! You are impressively computer savvy!

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