Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Oh Baby, I Love Your Way

Every once in a while I will see a cute baby or some adorable miniature outfit and I start to feel that baby fever taking over me. My husband is just graduating from University this April and we live in a tiny one bedroom apartment so I am not ready to have kids just yet but it can be hard to resist the urge to start cooking one up.

All my friends seem to be in baby making mode and have new pictures up everyday on their Facebooks of their tikes sweetly sleeping or smiling. I don't know about other women but whenever I pause at the baby section of a store to take in the scene I hear a concerned *sigh* from behind me and a firm tugging on my arm to "hurry along" from my husband. His message is less than subtle... but I'm not on a different wave link than him, I know now is not the time. Sometimes a woman just needs to feed a craving; no different than that sweet treat craving that occasionally shows up unannounced around bedtime. You pop an Oreo in your mouth and all is well again. No harm done!

To suppress my newborn fever, like a shot of much needed vitamin c to an oncoming cold, I browse the latest in baby names, baby clothes, maternity clothes, etc. Thanks to the happy couple and soon-to-be parents John and Sherry at, I can live vicariously through the decorating of a nursery while they prepare for their little girl. (Congrats John and Sherry!)

As I was absorbing the baby world secretly on the web (while, in an effort to avoid another irritated sigh, hubby was in the other room and none the wiser) I wondered if there were any other childless women, or even women with kids who are past the baby years, out there that share in my need to nurture and cuddle a fresh baked bundle of love?

This post is dedicated to the best of what I've found out there in the baby kingdom. I hope it gives you some ideas or serves as a remedy for your baby itch too!

Maternity Clothes:
Adorable dress by A Pea In The Pod. Channeling Sarah Jessica Parker:
A Pea In The Pod

A Pea In The Pod

Spunky Sprout. Love this one!

Shower Invite -Mint Chocolate Theme makes me hungry!

Martha Stewart -Modern Co-ed Baby Shower

Martha Stewart -Delicious looking treats at a themed baby shower.

Martha Stewart -Sweet bird DIY Mobile

Sarah Richardson -Girl

Restoration Hardware -Fresh, clean and unisex. Love the stuffed cow too! -Twin nursery, double the cute. -Beach themed nursery

Sarah Richardson -Boy

Sand Box Couture -Is it safe to have a bedazzled soother when the jewels could come off and become lunch? Looks cute either way.

And of course the famous Sophie the Giraffe; the all natural teether. I see this teether everywhere! It is said to be a stimulant for all five senses of a baby and a safe chemical free rubber for chewing away at.

One of my favorite sites I go to for hours and laugh is I am a stickler for manners so the things I read on that site crack me right up. I hope they don't mind but I'm sharing a short baby shower story from the site with you to go along with the theme of this post and to give you an idea of the things you will find on this site:

Tacky, Tacky! This actually happened to my sister-in-law Justine. Our husbands come from a large family where showers/weddings are frequent events. I guess they have become SO commonplace that all etiquette is now tossed out the window! Justine received an invitation to a baby shower for one of the distant cousins. We lived far away at the time and received one too. But what Justine got was a little different! What she received was a xeroxed copy of an invitation (that's funny enough!) but handwritten across it she was informed that she had been placed on the shower "committee"! (They forgot about asking her!) and as part of such, she was expected to contribute xx amount of dollars toward hosting the shower! They mentioned the possibility of a group gift in addition to contributing toward the shower but the real kicker was at the bottom of the invitation, scribbled across it said, "p.s. Bring 6 dozen sandwich rolls!" Unbelievable!

(Baby Picture courtesy of


Sherry @ Young House Love said...

Thanks so much for the shout out! If I didn't have baby fever before, I officially have it now! What a fun post. I especially love those Sarah Richardson nurseries that you hunted down (and the fact that those are Ikea curtains in the boy one!). Can't wait to see how our little nursery adventure turns out...

Sherry (& John)

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