Thursday, February 4, 2010

Full House For Sale *Caution -Don't Get Too Excited, John Stamos Isn't Included In The Price!*

One of the many houses along the row of homes featured on the family sitcom Full House, recently went on the market for a whopping $4.1 million! Pretty good chunk of change, especially when you consider that comparatives in the same neighborhood (that don't happen to share in the fame of being on the show) are going for more like $1.5 million.

The particular home for sale is not the main house you see at the beginning of episodes. It's one of the stately homes located amongst the long row of homes in the famous opening picnic scene. It is the first Victorian home along the row.

The home is very beautiful but if just being background in the opening theme song gets you a cool $4.1 mil what do you think the famous white San Fransisco home used as the actual Tanner residence would fetch?

I would be willing to cough up the dough if they threw in Uncle Jesse has my house boy!

Another shot of the beautiful home. Gotta love those bay windows! I'm curious to see if anyone bites and ponies up the extra dough for what (in reality) is nothing more than a conversation starter. Unless you happen to actually be THAT big of a fan. They pulled it off with the house featured in the famous movie "A Christmas Story." It does happen!

So, what do you think? Should a home be able to jack up their price just because they could be seen in a background shot of a once popular TV show? Share your thoughts.


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