Friday, February 19, 2010

I'm Currently In The Closet

(House and Home)

Whether you're really into clothes or not, an amazing walk-in-closet is a girly
dream. If I were to build my dream house that had no price limit I
would make darn sure there was a His and Hers walk-in that were both
jaw dropping (that is, after I stopped jumping up and down from the
prospect of building my dream house!). By doing two separate closets, I
wouldn't have to feel like a jerk for making the "Hers" closet a "Girls
Only!" diva dream (plus it would fun to design a manly closet for my
guy too!) I don't even really have all that many clothes or shoes but
the idea of a place of my own to play dress up like a little kid again
sounds delightful.

I always pictured my ideal girl closet with crystal light fixtures and a
big tuft stool. Maybe a music hook up inside for the I-Pod with a
playlist of all the best girl anthems so you have something to dance to
while getting dressed. There's no shame in your secret guilty pleasure
of Britney Spears in your girl closet. Do you ever get dressed for a
night out and end up just feeling fat and miserable? Not in the girl
closet! O
nly the best skinny mirrors around are in your girl closet so you always feel good about your bod.

I love when you can display some of your favorite items like a sweater
too. It's like having a Bloomingdales in your house. (And let's face
it, if you can afford this utopia closet then you're probably buying
some fancy duds to fill it) I am very organized and tidy so having a
specific place for the extras that always seem to be laying around the
closet floor like belts and purses would be fabulous.

It's probably for the best that I don't have my dream closet otherwise I may
never be seen again. I've collected some of my favorite pictures of
dream closets below.

(interior design)
This is a great example of the clothes on display and a plush spot to flop down.

(House and Home)
Great island in the middle for unmentionables.

(California Closets)
These are two more masculine looking ones I envisioned for the man in your life. The closet above is from California Closets and below is from Poliform whom I have newly discovered and love.

(Senzafine Closet)
So sophisticated and manly. I wouldn't be surprised to see George Clooney come strutting out of there.

And of course what is closet talk without mention of a few celebrity and movie closets? We all know this famous closet from the show Sex and the City. This is Carrie's sanctuary.

This is Carrie's second much grander sanctuary that Big builds her in there new home. I hope we get to see it filled with clothes and shoes in the second movie.

(In Style)
Sex and the City alum Kim Cattrall sitting in her well organized closet.

Franchois Deschinger for Nate Berkus' Home Rules)
This is Oprah's walk-in closet at Harpo Studios. She has a personal walk-in closet at work! I wonder what her one of her nine homes closets looks like......

This is a still shot from the remake movie "The Women" staring Meg Ryan. I wasn't a fan of the movie (the original cannot be matched!) but I did really enjoy the look of this scene. The ladies are at a fashion show and after the show they are taken back stage to try on outfits from the show for purchase. The design of this area would make for a great at home closet.

So what are your thoughts? Is a walk-in closet a waste of space or a must have luxury?


Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

Turning my space room into a walk-in was the best decorating decision I ever made! It is sheer heaven, and a definite necessity if you have the extra room. Oprah's work closet looks like a department store!

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

duh - 'spare room' not 'space room!' haha

recklessbliss said...

I would love to have a room like that lucky girl. Do a little happy dance for me while you're in there!

Lacie @ Creative Attempts said...

my two dreams live on....massive laundry/craft room and giant closet lol

recklessbliss said...

Haha! I'm here to please. I'm actually working on a post about awesome craft rooms so stay tuned. Thanks for the input Lacie!

Megan said...

I would just die to have even half of one of those beautiful closets. I wish I had a 4 bedroom house, and I'd turn the 4th room into it...someday...

recklessbliss said...

I completely agree Chasing Davies!

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