Friday, May 28, 2010

These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things *Part I*

I wanted to share with you a dozen things that personally perk up my day to day life. I’m sure you can all relate to a few of these little pleasures. Some of them are things that come unexpectedly, some are planned well in advanced, some are rare and thus even more precious and some are just life’s fabulous everyday simplicities that make you happy to be alive. Here’s are the top twelve things that are making me smile for this month of May:

1. Free samples at the grocery store of the thing you wanted to try but were too scared to buy. Score!


2. Going to bed and not setting an alarm. Zzzzzzzz

3. Snagging the last pair of shoes in your size.

dancing-with-the-stars real-housewives-of-orange-county what-not-to-wear

4. Guilty pleasure TV shows…. I bet you’re thinking of one right now. Don’t feel bad, we all do it.

5. A radio station that plays a bunch of good songs in a row saving you from searching other stations. (I also enjoy singing along to said songs even when I don’t know all the words.)


6. Eating the marshmallows out of childish cereals (even more silly/fun when you don’t have children…. like myself.)

7. Watching artists take a spill during a performance. Evil I know but so satisfying to see they’re human and fall on their butts like the rest of us.


8. Getting in the car to find your mate already refuelled it for you. I love that man.

9. Catching a rerun of the show you missed but were dying to see while channel surfing.


10. When all the dishes are done for the day. Time to relax those pruny fingers.

11. Your mate telling you, “you’re worth it,” for any reason at all. Doesn’t it make you feel extra special? *sigh* I really love that man.


12. A pet sleeping so soundly it makes you yawn. Yes, that’s my bebe snoozing away and making my eyelids heavy. However, I don’t look nearly as cute as this when I sleep…

I would also love to know some of yours favourite things. What little things make all the difference for you? A specific smell? A soothing sound? Maybe something as simple as your favourite flavour ice cream? I want to hear all about your personal perks that make your day a little sunnier and keep watching for more of mine as they come.


Amber @ fromtheseeds said...

Gosh. I know we share many of our favorite things. I love coming home to a clean house. I love heavy downpour and no obligations where I can just sit and enjoy it. I love a huge cup of tea or coffee made just the way I like it... I also love good text conversations where you don't really need a topic or anything of interest to say.. especially those that take place with my bestest ;) At this moment though seeing my big kitty on her back with her white belly all puffed in the air. Ahh favorite things <3

ilovemyhouse said...

My first capuccino in the morning.Mozzarella,tomatoes and basil salad.Hearing the key in the door when my seventeen year old daughter gets home late at night.Seeing my youngest daughter riding a pony.Lying next to my husband in bed.Reading magazines.The good feeling AFTER a good workout.Seeing my BB, beautiful boy, my son. etc etc. xx

recklessbliss said...

I also love coming home to a clean house. It's so relieving! Thanks Ambular

Those are also awesome favourites. I especially agree with the lying in bed, magazines and the great post workout feeling. Thanks for sharing Linda!

Connie @ SogniESorrisi said...

I totally relate to a lot of your favourite things. I love guilty pleasure TV!

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