Friday, May 14, 2010

Cougar Town House Tour


When this show first started I didn’t care for it at all but I was however, enamoured with the gorgeous house Courtney Cox’s character “Jules” lives in. The show has since found it’s legs and has really stepped up. It’s less about an older woman cruising for young guys and more about the dynamic of a quirky single mom and her family and friends. In fact, I recently heard a rumor that next season the show will be going by a different name because they are saying that the name “Cougar Town” is too off putting to viewers and they wont watch it based on the suggestive title. The show is no “Modern Family” when it comes to belly laughs but I would say the house is equally as lovely. Let’s take the tour:
 (1)Very similar to the Hamptons beach house kitchen from the film “Something’s Gotta Give.” Dark counters, white cabinets and stainless steel appliances give the whole kitchen a very fresh summery feel.
Cute glass breakfast table with rattan chairs behind the island with bar stools. Typically it would have a fourth seat but for the purposes of filming a clear shot there’s only three. I love the dark stained floors against the white cabinets and beige walls.
I loved fun loving Kate from “Drew Carey” but in this show Christa Miller's face comes across as a little stiff. She has the “worked on” face which is a shame. It actually sort of works for her in the show though because she plays somewhat of a mean and controlling character.
 (4)  (2)
These two pictures are pretty similar but I included both because the first gives you a good shot of the stair case from the kitchen. The second gives you a better looks of the hallway art from the entrance.
Jules kitchen has a frosted pantry door which has such a neat look to it. It would be fairly simple to replicate in your own home if you have a glass door as well. I think it would also be a great choice for a door to an ensuite bathroom for extra light or even your front door with your house number taped onto the door or window so it stands out. Just pick yourself up an inexpensive spray can of frost and tape off the section you don’t want frost-i-fied. That’s right, I said frost-i-fied. Can you dig it?
Here you can see the framed look of the frost. It’s an easy way to give a classy neat look without having to be too concerned about keeping you pantry super tidy. You also get a minor peek at the dining room behind the kitchen. Keep reading for a full dining room shot.
The entry hall with another glass door. I love all the extra light it brings to a room.
A view from the living room to the kitchen. I’m a big fan of the pattern used on the two chairs and speaking of fans, Sheryl Crow guest starred on a few episodes as Grayson’s (Josh Hopkins) love interest and she was great. I saw her in concert with my bud a few years back and she’s amazing live. She was fresh off her break up from Lance Armstrong and comment she was considering finding a Canadian fella as her next beau.
I love that they didn’t use a white couch like they do in so many shows or magazines when doing a beach house look. Coral works really well in this California home and the sea shell filled lamps are a great added touch. I found a similar lamp from Pottery Barn if you are looking to re-create this look.
The dining room table at Thanksgiving looks so pretty it makes me wish it was October (when us Canadians have our turkey day). I always wondered how these breezy beach looking homes make fall and winter decor work into the design scheme of the whole house, I think they did a great job with this one.
Jules’ boudoir is nice but I don’t think it matches with the young fresh feel of the rest of the house. I like the headboard but the rest feels a bit dated for the hip 40-something mom.
What do you think of the show/house? Do you tune in or skip it?
All pictures are courtesy of ABC.


Unknown said...

I have never watched the show, but I am going to, as I like Courtney Cox, used to love her in Friends!Need to see it from the beginning though.xxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

This is so funny because I was nodding my head the whole time I was reading this!!! I was the same way about the show at first and didn't think I'd watch it but then it got better - not as good as Modern Family like you said (but then what is, right?) but still has some pretty funny moments and the house is one of the best parts. Oh, and when I was in L.A. last month, I saw Christa Miller at dinner and you wouldn't believe how much prettier she is in person. I tried not to stare but I couldn't help it. She really looks so much better in person. Okay, I'll stop going on and on now. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. :)

Lacie @ Creative Attempts said...

i have seen every single episode I crack up through the entire show. I love the clothing, the jewelry, and of course the decor!!

Amber @ fromtheseeds said...

This makes me want to re consider this show! I love the frosted pantry door too. Her house is so chic I really love it!

Anonymous said...

I love this show! Actually my husband and I secretly wish we lived next door and drank wine with them! (guess the secret is out!)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Seriously Katie, poster above, don't spam and promote your RE agency. Tulsa/Broken Arrow has nothing like this house. I thought I was going to move there and have looked at tons of houses for many years. Broken Arrow is old yuck houses or planned communities.

I hate when people promote thier businesses.

recklessbliss said...

Thanks for pointing that out, didn't realize there was spam. It has been removed! :)

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