Thursday, April 1, 2010

Define "Normal"

Around my house, I may like to think I wear the pants but I'm just in deep denial. Being that me and my fella are the only people in our home, the powers of deduction would lead you to believe that he must then be the one wearing the proverbial "pants" but... you would be wrong. The one that rules the roost in my house stands at around one foot tall and is actually hairy than my fella (who was lovingly referred to as Chewbacca back in his high school days-you'll see why below.) This little dictators name is Safari and she runs the show. For the record, the following is based on a true furry story.

So please tell me, what is normal?

Is it leaving your bookcases hideously empty because she loves to put herself on a figurative and very much literal pedestal in order to look down on her peasant servers (aka yours truly)?

Or is it accepting that your clothes will never really be fresh when you put them on because she prefers to sleep in pre-folded warm out of the dryer clothes?

Or could it be surrendering from the epic battle of counter territory because she knows, as well as you, that your shouting has no follow through?

Is it looking the other way when the most discernible palette to reap the benefits of growing herbs also eats bugs on a regular basis?
Maybe it's creating one large bed from every set of bedsheets we own even if it means sleeping in the linen closet because let's face it, she's worth it.

Perhaps normal means submitting power over your pillows and sleeping with your legs hanging off the bottom of the bed in spite of being over 6 feet tall? After all, she was there first.

And don't think that just because you had a hard time actually getting the fresh laundry folded to begin with that any slack would be cut for you to put them away later. Because it's normal to wait out your cat for some drawer space.... right?

Any chance that "normal" means waiting for her to get bored blocking my breakfast cereal in an attempt to bully me into feeding her first? To her credit she did figure out how to open the cupboard and stand on protest against these inhumane living conditions. That kind of makes her a trail blazer.... right? RIGHT?!

Even though we're merely her back-scratchers, poop-scoopers and food bowl fillers, every now and then we organize and revolt against her tightly woven reign of diva-hood. Those times make for moments like this (also check out the obvious reason for the beastly nickname):
*For the record, this was on her as long as it took to snap a quick shot so please don't write me letters about this obvious display of animal abuse; I'm already well aware of it.*

Normal or not this little prima donna is my baby and she gives me sweet moments to smile at every day no matter how bad it has otherwise been. This last pic I lovingly refer to as "Rodent Loves," is a prime example of her gooey sweetness in action. (FYI The rat is fake and used as a Halloween decoration)
Do you have animals that rule your house or even just you? Tell me about your babies!


Amber @ fromtheseeds said...

I love all of the Safari pictures, she is one photogenic kitty! The zoo around here rarely sits still for a nice picture!

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