Monday, April 5, 2010

The Apron-Front Sink

These beauties are often referred to as a "farmhouse sink" and are typically found in period style kitchens with traditional country decor. They add a great sense of depth and down-home charm while being a throwback to the rustic utilitarian style of kitchens. The apron-front sink has recently made a huge come back and can be found reproduced in many different materials. Most commonly is the cast iron coated sink in an enamel finish which gives it the warm white appearance-my personal favorite. You can also find the sinks in stainless steel, vitreous china, granite and marble which tend to be much higher in price but can really make all the difference in the style you are trying to achieve.

Take a peak at these farmhouse sinks below and let me know your thoughts. Do you think they're worth the higher price tag or should this style have just stayed gone?

The vintage fridge and distressed woodwork with of course the great sink, add to the charm of this farmhouse kitchen and simply melts my heart with it's cuteness.

A stainless steel version of the apron-front sink.

This kitchen has such a romantic spa feeling to it with the elegant faucets and woodwork posts framing the sink. At first I was sure I was looking at a bathroom but it is a kitchen despite the double sinks. I think this picture proves that a farmhouse sink looks twice as good doubled and can even be beautiful in the bathroom if you so choose to.

I'm a huge fan of the wood counter tops on white cabinets because it's durable without giving up any style. Add a farmhouse sink to that mix and you cannot possibly go wrong.

Rustic decor at it's finest.

It's like a bath tub on your counter! I'd love to spend an afternoon washing apples or bathing a puppy in that sink.

Painting cupboards can be a very tricky thing but this kitchen nailed it. I love the blue on white sink with open shelving and bamboo blind. It's so adorable, I just can't stand it.


Amber @ fromtheseeds said...

I wasn't a fan of blue cupboards until I saw the last picture. And the shelving. Just beautiful. A white pristine farmhouse kitchen is one of my many dreams. I love those sinks.. my goodness sink love!

ilovemyhouse said...

Hi, me again...Check out my kitchen at Pretty sure you'll like it. xxx

Unknown said...

I LOVE the kitchen with the double sinks, especially the detail of having a lower countertop around the sink. Would you mind sharing your resource for this picture?

recklessbliss said...

Hi Michelle, I just searched in google images for "Apron-front sinks" and got all these great images. That's typically my source for most pics. Hope that helps, thanks for the comment!

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