Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Jewelry Amour

I love a good piece of jewelry. It's like wearing fabulous art around your neck, wrist, finger or dangling from your lobes. I have my favorite pieces on display in my house. Some are so unique it's hard to find the right venue to wear them to, not to mention outfit. Every time I come across a piece I love I save the picture so here are a few of my current faves. All of them can be found at Anthropologie, JCrew and Mod Cloth (an online store). We don't have Anthropologie or JCrew in BC which is a bummer so I often find myself perusing the websites. You Americans are lucky ducks!

JCrew -I think this JCrew necklace is really sweet looking. I picture it over a plain white button shirt at the office or maybe an otherwise boring dress that needs a little something to give it a boost.

Anthropologie -These type of earrings are great to have as go-to jewelry when you want a little extra sparkle. Really simple and fun to throw on for a night at the movies or shopping. Casual but you still look great and pulled together without too much effort.

Anthropologie -This looks so spacely and out of this world to me. Like a little piece of the moon surrounded by stars. Mysterious yet chic.

Anthropologie -This bracelet is really the cats pajamas. I pictured wearing this to a family Easter dinner or really any spring time event. Heck, I would wear this while doing my spring cleaning it's so cute and fun!

Anthropologie -I love the new trend with necklaces when they have the side clasp and the various necklaces dropping down from it. It channels an early 1930's flapper sort of look.

Mod Cloth -These look so bohemian and gypsy, they are bound to draw some eyes your way. I thought they were stunning.

Mod Cloth -This was named the Interior Design necklace and I think it's a suited name with all the various shapes and the unusual wood tone. I would be impressed if a designer showed up to my house sporting this baby, talk about confidence!

Mod Cloth -Love this coral necklace for a day on the beach or paired with a white or black dress for a night out.

Mod Cloth -This ring is called Knock on Wood, I thought it was so sophisticated looking plus handy for all the superstitious people out there.

Mod Cloth -I think this would be adorable to wear at a tea party themed shower or out to brunch with your girlfriends or mom. Talk about dressing for the occasion!

Anthropologie Necklace -I love Purple, it's so regal, this necklace makes a big statement. Bow before your queen!

JCrew Bracelet -Very J-lo Diva. Perfect for drinks with the ladies or a cocktail party.


Amy @ Design-Aholic said...

wow! Now those are some pieces of jewelry! I bet you could find some link parties to share your collection in. That's the best way I've found to show people your site! Keep it up, and just write for yourself. People will catch on once you find the right audience! I'm still working at it, but I mostly like to write to keep my projects in one place as a diary for myself. I want to be able to print them all out after a while, and smile at all I've accomplished. :)

recklessbliss said...

I saw a link that you can actually turn your blog into a book which is pretty neat! I've never heard of link parties. Where do you find them???

Kate Riley said...

I love them all - such statement pieces. My fav is the Anthro bracelet, stunning !

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