Monday, January 25, 2010

Airing My Dirty Laundry

Living in an itty bitty apartment creates various space limitations, one of those being a laundry room.... or lack thereof. I'll admit I don't have it as bad as some apartment dwellers who have to trek down to some damp, dimly lit cave in the bowels of their building with a heavy pocket full of quarters, or over to the nearest laundromat to sit and watch an hour of "edge of your seat" clothes spinning. I have a teeny closet that holds an equally teeny up right washer and dryer but I don't take it for granted for even one second because I'm just not cut out to be one of the brave souls who seek out means of clean clothes beyond their own four walls. So I do appreciate what little I have but one can't help but let their imagination go a little wild every now and then. The fact that my imagination when let loose, conjures up fantasies about laundry rooms is sad for a 21 year old I know, but what can you do? I cruise websites like Sears to see the latest in washers and dryers. I’m planning on it being one of my first purchases when I have a house of my own. Anytime I see a fabulous set stationed in a chic organized room I get a little excited and save the picture to my files. I figured in honor of the massive heap of dirty clothes waiting for me in the hamper as I type this, I would share some of the beauties I've come across with all my fellow laundry laborers out there. Most of the pictures are Sarah Richardson designs but all of them can be found on the HGTV or House and Home website. Enjoy!

Can't go wrong with a classic silver colour and the storage pedestals underneath would be so handy to hide ugly detergent boxes and bottles. This room looks to be doubled up as an office as well.

The shade of blue on the washer and dryer in this contemporary laundry room is really crisp and fresh. It looks so elegant to have to the detergent in those glass jars on top if you don't have the pedestals for storage. The metal back splash is a very unique touch for the room.

This is one of my absolute favs from Sarah Richardson. If you have this kind of space in your house you're already a lucky duck but to have it look this amazing would be a huge bonus! Again you see the topiary jars holding the cleaning supplies and the classic silver machines (not sure why there are three but hey, the more the merrier!). One thing I adore is the little ironing board that comes out of the hidden cupboard on the wall to cover all your garment care needs in one place.

This is the other side of the room above which looks to be a gardening station and room for extra linens. The huge table in the middle would be so great to have for all those times you need to lay out a shirt to tackle a stubborn stain or even just set down your basket. Add a cup of chamomile tea and little TV and I might never leave.

This is a sunny laundry room from a one of the seasons of the HGTV show Sarah's House. I like this room because it looks really attainable to the average gal. Not a huge amount of space or top of the line appliances but still doesn't skimp on functionality or looks.

When I think of the word "clean," blue and white come to mind. This little entry/laundry nook is so fresh and welcoming. You could come home from a hard days work and take your clothes off as soon as you step in the door. Talk about time saver! Ha ha

This room almost feels like it has an Asian styled look to it; very simple with clean lines. It's a pretty small space but it looks so domestic and stunning to me.

Brilliant idea here to have three different hampers so your clothes are pre-separated when you go to wash them. It's a really small space again but it's used very effectively.

So what are some must haves in your dream laundry room?


Unknown said...

Our laundry room is in the garage ots so cold in there or hot depending on the time of the year ...later this year I would love to paint the washer and dryer area and create shevles and make it less creepy - this pics above would be a dream for me

recklessbliss said...

That's sound awesome! It always helps to have a pretty space you're happy in when you have to do life's little chores :)

Farmgirl Paints said...

I love them all! I so want a washer dryer front loading thing. WE have the old white boxy ones and they will probably last another 20 years:) My favorite was the room with the light blue walls and vintage light.

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