Sunday, July 1, 2012

Diane Keaton’s $5.6 Million Home

Diane Keaton's HouseDiane Keaton isn’t just an Oscar winning actress, director, photographer, and philanthropist, she also has “home flipper extraordinaire” listed on her already stacked resume. Ms Keaton has been known to purchase houses and restore them for resale all while remaining an A-list star (Suddenly I feel like a major under-achiever...) Although this adorable three year old Cape Cod style home is not currently on the market it wouldn’t be surprising to see it listed soon since she is known for purchasing, flipping and selling homes quickly. 
Let’s take a look-see inside at some of Keaton’s mad skills:

Diane Keaton's HouseThe home is located in the Pacific Palisades, California and has 7,800 square feet for her and her two children, Duke and Dexter, to stretch out and relax in. Within that massive space there are a total of six bedrooms and nine bathrooms.
  I feel anti-feminist just saying this but is there a woman alive who doesn’t love a gigantic beautiful kitchen island? If there is, we probably wouldn’t get along.

Diane Keaton's HouseOf course the house has all the usual top of the line frills like a movie theater, wine room, gym and game room. If you’ve got 7,800 square feet to fill then why not right? I’m really digging the warm open living and kitchen area.

Diane Keaton's HouseThis bedroom reminds me a lot of the interior design from Keaton’s film “Something’s Gotta Give” which you can see more of on my post about Hampton style homes here. Men simply don’t understand the importance of a bed properly stacked with lovely pillows.

What do you guys think of Ms Diane Keaton’s purdy home?
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