Sunday, April 1, 2012

DIY Baby Shower Favors

DSC01691DSC01692Well my pretties, yesterday I threw a shower for my enormously pregnant friend and now that she’s seen everything up my sleeve for the special day I can share it here on Reckless Bliss with  you good folks -including the card I got her which you can see above. Normally I’d get my craft on and make a homemade card but this one was too fun to pass up. (You can also check out a previous post I did on some DIY tea party themed invites here).
I’m going to be sharing a lot of the various things I made and eventually showing you the actual shower itself but let’s pace ourselves shall we? Today I want to share the French lavender soap favors I made for each guest to take home. It was super simple but turned out quite cute in the end.
DSC00938I started out with some sweet little wicker baskets I found at a soap store for $0.88 each. Sold.

DSC00942To make it look more like a nesty and cute I filled it with some run of the mill shredded tissue paper you can find at any dollar or craft store.

DSC00941  Each soap bar got wrapped in brown wrapping paper which I also bought from a dollar store.

DSC00943 I attached a clear piece of doubled sided tape in the center of the front of the soap.
DSC00944 I then wrapped a thin piece of ribbon cut to length around the soap and stuck it to the tape.

DSC00945 For the next step I laid another piece of doubled sided tape (amazing invention by the way!)over top of the ribbon on the face of the soap. Be sure that this piece of tape is long enough so it will give a big adhesive surface to hold your label in place.

DSC00812 I used Microsoft Paint and created personalized labels for each bar so when people go to use the soap sometime down the line they’ll remember the special day we all shared. Plus, personalized is always just more fun than generic!
DSC00946After I cut each label down to size using my handing dandy Martha paper cutter I placed the label on top of the newly taped soap face.
DSC00949Then each bar gets to relax in the little basket nest.
   DSC00951 Don’t they look comfy-cozy altogether?
DSC00952 Once all the goodies are prepared I wrapped them in a piece of clear cellophane (word of the day: dollar store!) and tied them into little bows with more of the ribbon I used to wrap each bar.
   DSC00953 One tip I would suggest is to tape the cellophane in place once you’ve twisted the top so it holds its shape while your tying your bow on, otherwise it can get pretty frustrating.

DSC01002I’m a major planner so these beauties were finished for about two months before the actual shower. My home slowly turned into a storage unit for baby shower decor. This is part of the affected area above my T.V. I have to say though, I wasn’t hating how girly and tea party-like my place was becoming.
So that was my favors, pretty simple stuff. The bulk of time consumption comes from all the wrapping and assembling but it’s way less expensive then buying some pre-made ones online or from a fancy store. I estimate that each favor only cost me about $2.80 after materials cost.  It doesn’t include my time to make each one but I was on Netflix the whole time while sniffing heavenly lavender soap so I can’t complain. Check back soon for some more DIY projects!

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