Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Restful Bedroom Design Scheme

My favorite room in the house has been and always will be the bedroom. It's the room that you escape to when you need a break, the room where you start your day and the room you end your day in. That being said your beautiful boudoir needs to be a place where you can wind down from hectic schedules, bickering children, mountains of dishes and stop to just take a deep breath and relax. For me, that means a restful calming palette, lots of plush soft fabrics... and a big 'ole lock on the door! I've saved you the trouble of hunting for the perfect hideaway decor and done the research as to what places hold the tools to make this sweet sanctuary come to fruition. I found great refuge on life saving sites such as Benjamin Moore and Hickory Chair. These companies offer really high quality products which give you peace of mind when making your purchases. Not only that but the huge variety means you can achieve any look that tickles your fancy and let's be honest, we all like our fancys tickled now and again.
But enough talk, let's take a look at my interpretation of calm and see if you don't feel a little more rested when we're through.

The Inspiration:
This serene Hickory Chair bed looks as though its hugging you with its graceful tall headboard wings and elegant scrolled foot board. I love a plush bed frame because it just screams, "come snuggle up on me!" So here's how it looks paired with friends to complete the look.

I kept everything very simple and clean in neutral colours, using only solid colours for paints rather than busy wallpaper. There's not a whole lot going on to distract the eye, it just carries an overall sense of peace. This particular room is more in keeping with the traditional or country themes which are the styles that feel coziest to me and "cozy" is my go-to word for any bedroom I design no matter the style because it's universally desired. No one (in their right mind anyways) is looking to feel "cold" or "stark" in their bedrooms, it just doesn't happen. The only images that come to my mind with those words involve metal bars and an all too exposed bathroom facility. So, even if super modern is your thing or absolute minimalist decor revs your engines we all have the same basic desire; we all want to feel comfortable when we lay our heads down for the night.

In case you're wondering, here's how I made it happen:
Hickory Chair: bed, chair, night stand
Elte: dresser, sconce, rug, lamps,
Candice Olson Designs: pendant light
Restoration Hardware: mirror, drapes,
Crate & Barrell: pillows
Ikea: pitcher
Benjamin Moore: Wales Gray, Spring In Aspen, White Dove, Sedona Brown

If money were no object, how would you design your bedroom? Do you like to keep your bedroom calm or do you prefer vibrant colours?


Anonymous said...

I love that bed so much. It's very nesty. I love the neutral palette you chose, if you are ever feeling feisty you can always add a pop of color somewhere too!

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