Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sarah's House Season Three

The newest season of HGTV's "Sarah's House" has officially begun and I was already really excited, then I saw that it was going to be about a farmhouse she bought and it just seemed like kismet! As you can see from the post below this one, I am currently coveting all things farmhouse so I'm sure you can imagine my excitement over this (and it's all Canadian to boot!) I plan to watch closely and probably have a cup handy to catch my drool over the kitchy country decor and cozy vibe this is sure to produce. Below are some shots of the Mudroom/entryway she did on last night's episode. The show airs Tuesday at 9pm, you can find more information on

Red doors are so awesome

It was really interesting how she made the light fixture. She knows all the right people.

This shot is adorable. Makes me want to garden even more.

I thought there was some really odd choices made for the powder room but I don't dare question her genius.



Unknown said...

I love Sarah's House - but I always miss it, my HGTV keeps showing re-runs of Homles on Homes- boring!

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