Thursday, June 10, 2010

This Pure Girl Moment Brought To You By MAC

MAC TO THE BEACH mac to the beach2

MAC launched a new line of cosmetics for the start of beach season that are really flirty and fun. All very sunny and bright colours, they make a gal wanna hit the sandy shore with a big towel and some oversized sun glasses.

MAC describes the new line as such: The seaside has a kind of golden, sexy alchemy we're all drawn to. This collection encapsulates it with the most soothing, sultry shades of summertime. A safe way to bronze, beautify, and get colour that looks sun-kissed. Close your eyes, and go To The Beach!

Couldn’t have said it better myself MAC. Now let’s have a little look-see at what they came up with to smear on my face.

Eye Shadow $14.50 (U.S.)

Sand & Sun -Light peach (Matte)

Firecracker -Frosted mid-tone red-orange (Veluxe Pearl)

Sweet & Punchy -Bright yellow-green (Veluxe Pearl)

Shimmermoss -Green with green pearl (Veluxe Pearl)

Humid -Intense green with shimmer (Frost)

Dontcha just love the packaging? That’s always my weakest spot. I’d buy poison if they put in a pretty enough package. Makes you wonder how much time they spend on the presentation vs. the actual product.

Lipstick $14.00 (U.S.)

Beach Bound -Sheer frosted pale peach (Glaze)

Lazy Day -Light dirty blue-pink (Lustre)

Thrills -Rosy copper with gold pearl (Frost)

Fun Bathing -Mid-tone bronzed plum (Creme Sheen)

Lip Glass $14.00 (U.S.)

Easy Lounger -Light baby pink with multi-dimensional pearl

Flurry of Fun -Sheer sparkly peach

Splashing -Mid-tone blue pink with soft gold pearl

Thanks for making my lips glossy and sparkly Mr. Seahorse!

Lip Pencil $13.00 (U.S.)

Life’s a Breeze -Soft pink

Temperature Rising -Loudmouth orange

Eye Kohl $14.50 (U.S.)

Float on By -Dark green turquoise

Rosemary & Thyme -Mid-tone olive gold with shimmer

I wish I were daring enough to try different coloured eye liners but alas, they make me feel like I’m trying out for the ice capades. Clown college anyone?

Powder Blush $18.50 (U.S.)

Hipness -Intense coral with soft white pearl (Frost)

Get-Away Bronze -Mid-tone suntan (Frost)

High-Light Powder $26.00 (U.S.)

Marine Life -Multi-color pressed powder

Why Mr. Sea Horse, so nice to see you again. You’re looking well.

Cream Bronzer $25.00 (U.S.)

Beach Bronze -Golden glow with soft gold finish

Weekend Mid-tone deep orange-brown with soft pink pearl

Bronzing Powder $22.00 (U.S.)

Golden -Muted golden tan-beige with golden shimmer

Refined Golden -Finely spun golden with soft pearl finish

What’s a beach look without a little bronzer on your cheeks? Nothing, that’s what. It can be really tricky to apply when you’re a pasty white girl like me though.

Lustre Drops $18.50 (U.S.)

Pink Rebel -Blue-pink with gold pearl

Sun Rush -Peachy bronze with gold pearl

I don’t know what a “lustre drop” is but I know I want it…. I want to be lustrous too.

Bronze Body Oil $22.00 (U.S.)

Glowing -Tan with multi-dimensional golden shimmer

May as well bronze up those gams while you’re at it!

Nail Lacquer $12.00 (U.S.)

In the Buff -Muted taupe avocado (Cream)

Scorcher -Creamy bright coral-red (Cream)

Brush 130 Short Duo Fibre $38.00 (U.S.)

A short, round dual fibre with flat head composed of both natural bristles and synthetic fibres ideal for application with creams, emulsions & various powder products.

Brush 131 Short Duo Fibre Powder/Blush $34.00 (U.S.)

Flat, tapered face brush that contains a combination of short, natural, fibers and longer, fibre optic fibres ideal for light application and highlighting/ shading with various face powders; Ideally suited with mineralize skinfinish powder products.

Not sure why it needs it’s own set of “beach brushes” but who am I to question the skilled masterminds at MAC? Is it just me or does it look like a cat’s paw coming out of the end of the stick? Someone get that kitty outta there stat!

MAC To The Beach Bag $49.50 (U.S.)

Available only at MAC store -Limited edition

And of course you need a bag to store all this stuff in along with your towel and sunscreen but don’t fret cuz they got your back there too. Gee MAC, you really thought of everything, you’re swell. Now let’s hit the waves!


ilovemyhouse said...

Oh, i hope they sell it in Europe too. I want the lustre drops, whatever they may be. iwantthem. xx

Amber @ fromtheseeds said...

Ohh I want that lipglass. What a great summery line<3

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