Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Beautiful Coastal Living

I was recently introduced to this fabulous site Outer Banks Trading Group through Ms Julia over at Hooked on Houses. She did a post on their pillows and I thought those were really pretty but then I saw the rest of their stuff and I am officially smitten! I think my favorite things were the Spartina hand bags but honest to goodness pretty much everything had me at hello. After I calmed down from the excitement I sifted through all the purdy beach decor and narrowed down my top favorite things. The following is the list I managed to compile. (And for the record Outer Banks does not give me a cent to toot their horn, I toot for love!)

First the Lovely Spartina Handbags at $135:

This soft yellow one has my name all over it.

Adorable beach tote for $22, can't beat that!

Now for some bling bling:

One thing I really love about Summer is you can get away with wearing bold colours like these earrings.

Beach Lighting and Accessories:

And now for a taste of the coastal cushions:

Wouldn't these all just look so pretty on a light couch or chair in a beach house or even on your outdoor furniture in your backyard? (They offer outdoor pillows as well!)

I've never wanted a home in the Hamptons more.
So that's my coveting for the day. What do you think of Outer Banks Trading Group? Do you have a fave coastal themed item of your own?

Visit there blog here:


Anonymous said...

Wow gorgeous! I love everything you picked. I especially want that gold cuff! Great post

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

How fun! They have so much stuff that there are a few things you showed here that I hadn't seen yet. Thanks, Heidi! :)

ilovemyhouse said...

Aw, Coastal living. The only reason i would ever move is for a house on the beach. I checked out the site of Outer Banks, great items. My favorite is the sea horse pillow but also all the red and white pillows. (ha,ha that Lobster)
Have a great day! XX

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