Friday, June 25, 2010

Divine Designer Candice Olson

I’ve said before that Candice Olson is my all time favourite designer and it’s still true. The rooms she designs are so pretty and inspiring. She’s the kinda lady you wish was one of your girlfriends so you could squeeze some tips and ideas out of that brilliant blonde melon of hers. Luckily she has a hit TV show so we can bask in her designs from afar. Speaking of which, let’s partake in some basking right now with some newer before and after designs from Candice.
Do you have a favourite designer? What do you think about Ms Olson’s designs? Got a fave of your own? Share!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Linda@Coastal Charm said...

I really don't have a fav...I do agree that Candice does some really neat makeovers! Thanks for coming by:) Hope you have a FUN weekend!


Amber said...

Beautiful stuff! I love it all, her style is so clean and fresh

Vicki said...

Wow!! Big improvements! I like the first bedroom the most! From almost empty room to a room that is beautiful, relaxing and cozy.

Girl with the Curlz said...

Hi Heidi,
Thanks for stopping by and for your sweet comments. I just signed up as one of your followers. I can definitely use some design inspiration :-) I love Candice Olson she is just amazing. I don't think I have seen anyone else who can do the job she can. And that mansion post of yours. What can I say but BEAUTIFUL. A girl can dream I guess. Have a wonderful weekend!!

LesleySW said...

I love Candice Olson. There's something about the sparkle she brings to a room that is very special!

Farmgirl Paints said...

She rocks! I've always been amazed at how she can completely transform a space. I seriously had to do a double take in those photos to make sure it was the same room. She's really really good. I also like David Bromstad from Color Splash. I love the arsty flair he adds.

Madella's Behind the Scenes said...

I love Candice Olsos as well! She is the queen of design. Love the way she incorporated the tub and shower in the last photo to give a place to shave or place shower accessories.

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