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Sex and the City 2: Apartment Talk

Most of SATC fans have had a chance to check out the new movie by now and be awed by the sparkly shoes and colourful dresses but how about that upscale New York apartment? I was sad to see they traded in their first over the top (and fabulous!) pent house apartment from the first movie for something “a little more down to earth.” It’s easy to tell just by looking at it that a ton of time was put into the decorating. At one point you hear Carrie say she’s, “been cheating on fashion with furniture,” but was it worth all the deceit Carrie? I personally think… yes! Although it is not exactly to my personal tastes I think it represented a excellent cohesion of Carrie and Big’s personalities given their new living situation.

sex and the city 2 (9)
Carrie clearly did all the decorating but it’s obvious that she kept her sophisticated fella in mind. This is evident with the foundation of muted greys and deep blue colour palette in the living room however, you do get to see splashes of Carrie with pieces like the pink floral rug. It would not be my pick for the room but Carrie doesn’t do “traditional.”

sex and the city 2 (7)
I thought the stool she’s sitting on looked like some kind of sea urchin-perhaps housing to one of the characters on Sponge Bob? However, I’m uber crazy for their coffee table. There’s always so much junk on my coffee table, no problem with that here. I chuckle when I think about how long a decorating crew would have devoted to placing everything on that coffee table perfectly to create the illusion of being lived in.

sex and the city 2 (6)
My other fave part of the living room are those old man chairs which seem more masculine in style yet still compliment the unisex room beautifully and add to the cozy vibe all living rooms should have.

sex and the city 2 (10)
And then there’s the dining room, which I have read some very mixed reviews on, I happen to think it works myself. If you took the room apart and looked at it piece by piece it really wouldn’t and I will admit those dining room chairs are not the greatest I’ve come across to date but somehow when it’s all in one room it just has a certain je ne sais quoi to it. Comfortable but chic and keeps in flow with the manlier touches like the dark paint and pendant light done in what looks like some type of steel.

sex and the city 2 (13)
“Me and you, just us two.”

Big and Carrie's entrance. Wallpaper is by Kate Ridder in Oiseau and I think it's very smart looking in this brown colour.

sex and the city 2 (5)
The bedroom was definitely playing more to Carrie’s tastes than Mr. Big’s but really, what co-habited bedroom doesn’t? I think the wall paper was certainly interesting to look at but didn’t really blend well with the patterned headboard. I am also liking the linens and pillows on the bed. It looked extremely comfy when Carrie and Big were in bed throughout the movie. That desk doesn’t seem like adequate space for a writer of Carrie’s caliber but it sure looks swell sitting there.

sex and the city 2 (4)
In this picture you get a shot of some more furniture and a peak at the closet which we will look at closer below. You also get a shot of the pretty secretary’s desk but there’s now a new addition to it that it seemed to be “lacking” in the picture above. I wont say much about it for those of you who have yet to see the movie but it is a topic of unrest in the film.

In case you were wondering where that pretty little desk comes from, it’s called a Hallings Secretary and you can find it at Hickory Chair.

sex and the city 2 (8)
Unfortunately, giving up the palatial penthouse meant sacrificing the lavish closet Mr. Big built her. The new closet is still adorable and was a sweetly symbolic way to show has Carrie has incorporated her lover into her life. I’d love to spend a couple hours moseying through those racks.

sex and the city 2 (14)
And like a bad break up you just can’t seem to move past, let’s do a quick drive-by of our ex's home, just to make sure there's no other girls there….. Come back! I’ll change, I promise!
Before we move on to the good ole days of SATC, let’s take a quick look at some of the Halston dresses Carrie wore throughout the film:
Fun Fact: Sarah Jessica Parker joined fashion house Halston as the president and chief creative officer. Is it a coincidence the fashions appear in the movie so much? Probably not but they are still beautiful.

image image

image image
Carrie wore these Christian Louboutin Pigalle Pumps in gold with the white Halston dress for a little razzle dazzle to kick things off.

And moving on:
sex and the city 2 (2)
I was happy to learn that Carrie has kept her iconic New York apartment. They used the excuse that the market was bad for selling but I think Michael Patrick King would be chased through the streets by women carrying pitch forks-or at least very pointy Manolos-if he were to ever let the famous abode go.

sex and the city 2 (11)
The apartment is very fresh and not an ounce of manly decor to be seen. All Carrie all the time.

sex and the city 2 (1)
The wall unit has a great bench below the TV which must be a godsend for people living in these tiny NY apartments that are tight on seating.

carries hallway pic1
Now let’s travel even further back in Sex and the City time and reminisce about what once was.


The Aiden chair! I haven’t forgotten about you my pretty.

And of course, the closet that started it all.
I have to say I was a little disappointed in this sequels overall movie. The plot felt really distorted and deviated too much from the ladies we all love. I also thought there was far too much Abu Dhabi and not nearly enough of the famous city that these girls call home. I am somewhat hoping they stop now before they turn the entire franchise into a joke but part of me wants more even if it is bad. It’s the fashion drug! Whilst I made my critiques, good and bad, on the movie -to quote Ms Bradshaw- I couldn’t help but wonder…….. what did you think about it?


ilovemyhouse said...

I didn't get to see it yet. I wasn't to keen on the first one apart from the clothes and the sets.I hear you on "hoping they stop now and wanting more". That's how i already felt after the first one.ilovethetable in the new New York appartement. xx

Amber @ fromtheseeds said...

Wow, love, love, love the apartment break down. I really love that Aiden chair, so warm and manly. I remember while watching just staring at the wallpaper in the different rooms, it somehow really works. I really felt like their new apartment was so grown up and luxurious. It felt more like Big then Carrie to me, but I do see the small pops of her in there here and there. Such a great break down of everything <3

Unknown said...

I wish there was more girl time in the city with thier men...and not away from them. I loved Carrie's secrtary desk, I'm now on the hunt for an affordable option from Craigslist (wish me luck)

Overall liked the apartment, it was a cool vide for the new mr & mrs ....I didn't love the dinning room

Kat Ibáñez said...

Hi Heidi!!! Thank you for your comment on my blog, you are so lucky to live in a city like Vancouver!!!
What a great post about SATC the movie!!
I couldn´t agree more with you, I also think that "part of me wants more even if it is bad" Yeeeees we love the girls and everything that surrounds them, and even if the plot is not quite good...We want more stylish outfits, great quotes, and wonderful interior decoration..

I follow you, your blog is a great place for a little girl talk ;)

Have a wonderful Sunday!!!


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