Monday, November 1, 2010

This Pure Girl Moment Brought To You By Elie Saab Bridal

Elie Saab is one of my top three favorite designers. His designs leave me in awe because they are so feminine and elegant. Never have I wished more that I was wafer thin and dripping with excess cash. I’m going to have to do another post one day of his non-bridal collections as well but I thought it’d be fun to start with some gorgeous white gowns meant for the big day.
This one is very light and ethereal; oozes femininity. I’m not much into the poufy look but Saab does poufy right because this dress is simply stunning.

I am in love with this dress. I think sleeves are a hard thing to make work on a wedding gown but this dress is fabulous. Some ladies don’t care for lace but I like the dainty look of it.
I love the details in this dress. It’s really intricate and interesting to look at.
eliesaab3.5 eliesaab3
It’s hard to choose a favorite but this one (Cassandra) takes the cake with me. It’s glamorous but still a little sexy with the long slit. If I looked half as good as this dame in it I would seriously consider splurging on it …and crossing my fingers that I get proposed to post haste.
Flowing and fabulous. Do they let you have fans at the alter? I’d insist on it with this yowza.
This one is called Pisces which just happens to be my sign thingy so I think it’s also a sign I should be having a wedding and sport this Elie Saab gown. A bit of a stretch I know, but I don’t care!
Let’s have a quick look at some of your favorite (and most hated) celebs rocking Saab creations:
Christina Aguilera
Halle Berry
Marcia Cross
Milla Jovovich
Rachel Evan Wood
Lastly, one last look at what we’re all here for; a fine looking wedding gown:
Orion By Elie Saab
One thing I hate about wedding dresses is that there are so many options. Being as chronically indecisive as I am, I’d have a terrible time narrowing it down to just one. So are you mad for Elie Saab like me? What style of wedding dress did/would you wear?



Amber @ fromtheseeds said...

So lovely, It's hard to pick a favorite. I like that all of the designs are very traditional looking, yet modern in a neat way. Very luverly!

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