Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Night At The Movies

One of my absolute favorite things to do is grab a warm blanket, some tea and a great movie to cuddle up with your lover and watch. Home theaters would be such a cool luxury to do that in. You see them in larger homes but it's becoming a popular trend to turn your basement hangout into your own home theater. Here are a few of my favorite pictures I've saved over the years.

You can see in the back corner they have a little snack station set up. I think I would want to have an old fashioned popcorn machine in mine as well. This room is used as the theatre room and for all the video games kids accumulate. It's a nice area to store away all those cords and accessories.

I really like the rich colour in this room and the loveseat chairs in the back are adorable. I think this room would be perfect with some golden pieces added to it. Maybe some moldings or more dramatic tasseled drapes.

Framed posters of your favorite movies is a fabulous idea. We all have our favorite movies but we can't hang posters of them in our bedroom like a thirteen year old girl. This is a perfect way to hang your favs minus the shame. The table behind the chairs reminds me a bit of a bowling alley but it would work great if you wanted to watch a movie and maybe play cards or something while you watched.

This one is a really different approach to typical home theatres. It looks much more casual and comfortable. You wouldn't be wrestling for an arm rest in this room and you could stretch out without kicking the person seat in front of you. The fireplace is a cozy touch for night movies as a family.

I think this room nailed the importance of distance from the screen. A lot of theatre's seating is too close and you wrench your neck looking up. You also have plenty of space to stretch your legs out in front of you not to mention the convenience of the much needed cup holder.

The little lights illuminating the ceiling is a really neat addition to this cozy theatre room. I think it would be really awesome to have a theatre room you could also turn into a planetarium by putting your chair back and having a projector for the ceiling. This is one of the only theatre rooms I've seen where there is storage for movies. You've got to wonder where everyone is hiding all those movies!

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