Thursday, August 4, 2011

Summer Lovin’

DSC09094Now that we’re into August and the end of summer is nearing I’m cherishing the little time left I have of the beauty this season brings. I thought I would share with you guys some of my summer lovin’s around my home.


DSC09100Since this is my first summer in my first home I’ve never had a rose bush of my own before but growing up my mom grew them below my bedroom window and I would sit and stare at them for hours in awe of their silent beauty.
      DSC09096Then summer came this year and these little pink buds started flourishing and flooding me with joy. I love roses and I love pink. Perfection.
   DSC09089I was pleased to see all the other flowers that sprouted around my yard too. It was such a nice bonus of purchasing our home to get all these splashes of color.

     DSC09110Speaking of bonuses, we also have a blueberry bush that gives us more than enough berries to feed us through summer. We all know berries cost a small fortune so it’s a lovely perk to step outside and pick some for free.


DSC09116This is the neighbor’s chubby kitty who spends more time in our yard than his own but that’s ok by me because clearly he’s cute as a button.
           DSC09143 It’s tough wearing a fur coat in this heat; a fella’s got to stay hydrated.
  DSC09215I’ve also been attempting to grow some of my own things like strawberries
DSC09218and mint.
  DSC09205The neighbor cat isn’t the only frequent fuzzy visitor to my yard. This mischievous little squirrel has be wreaking havoc on my bird feeder. I fill it up and put it out for the birdies then this little guy climbs up the tree and does this:
Cracks it open and…
 DSC09211dumps the bird food all over the ground.
DSC09203I’m guessing this is what squirrels consider hitting the jackpot. In all honesty it doesn’t really bother me that he does this because squirrels need full tummies too and the birds still swarm the seeds on the ground. My fella isn’t as understanding as I am since it appears to kill that patch of grass but I say it’s a small price to pay to watch the critters enjoy themselves.
What are some of your summer lovins’? Anything you find especially pleasurable during this season? Feel free to share!

 *Photos credits are property of Reckless Bliss*


Sherri said...

What gorgeous photos!!! Those roses are just exquisite!!!

recklessbliss said...

Thank you so much Sherri, you always have such lovely things to say!

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