Friday, August 12, 2011

Blossoms On A Budget

DSC09313I can be a bit of a penny pincher when it comes to “extras.”
  DSC09316Because of my thriftyness there are some luxuries in life that must suffer.
  DSC09317Obviously, fresh flowers fall into that category since we all know how expensive store bought bouquets are which by default, make the fake ones much more attractive.
   DSC09318 This gives me one more reason to be even more smitten with having a garden of my own and have fresh flowers available to me at a cost of $0.00.
  DSC09319I cut these blushing beauties from my garden to pretty up my kitchen.
 DSC09314 Mission accomplished.

I always knew I would love having a home and a garden that was just my own; I day dreamed for hours about it and now that it’s actually here the feeling is even better than I’d imagined. Sometimes I stop myself mid-step and soak up my surrounding for just a minute before continuing on my way. So my advice for this weekend to all you lovely readers, take a moment, look around you and appreciate all the luxuries you see that you would otherwise pass by. Stop and smell the roses.
Happy weekend!
*Photo credit property of Reckless Bliss*


Libbie said...

They do look amazing!!! I can smell them from here :) Wish I had some on my table tonight!

Amber @ fromtheseeds said...

Mmm I adore the smell and beauty of fresh cut flowers too. I'm so glad you are enjoying having a yard and garden <3

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh, I love fresh flowers. They always make me smile. <3

When I get my own house, I so want my own garden too!

Btw follow my blog if you haven't yet and if you can my twitter too! (Viva_La_Breee)

xoxo, Bree

Sherri said...

I love to go into the garden and cut fresh flowers! I love your roses.

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