Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Colorful Tape-stry

imageMy least favorite part of painting. I’m a ‘grab a brush and slap that paint on!’  kind of a gal so prepping offers me no interest. Thankfully I have a major over-planner type fella who stops me from impulsivity (aka fun). Taping has to be so precise and perfect; I think that’s what creams my corn about it. I don’t have the patience for such nonsense! Regardless we’ve been taping out little hearts out around our house. Take a peak at what we’ve been up to:

DSC09322Because we have the batten board trim throughout the home the taping has to be done in two very long steps. First it has to be directly against the wall and floor to paint the white boards and panels.

DSC09321We used a less expensive green tape on the floor because bleeding wasn’t as much of a danger and a fancier blue tape on the beige half of the wall that could be applied to walls which have been painted recently. Typically you have to wait a few weeks with the lower quality tapes before you can apply it to a freshly painted wall but this blue tape allows you to skip the waiting period and apply it as soon as the paint has fully dried. (That’s more like it!)
DSC09323I was scooching my butt across the entire area of my dining room and hallway with green tape in hand while my fella got the more precise job of applying the blue tape above…. which also meant he didn’t get a dirty butt.

DSC09304Once the never-ending taping finally did in fact end, we did all the painting. *Wait four hours* Time to tape again! This time we had to prep for the beige paint above the trim. This means laying the tape flat against the top of the trim. Seems simple enough however it’s pretty hard to get a completely straight line of tape running the length of the board.

DSC09302I found this step much more difficult than the first taping saga. I sat back and watched my perfectionist fella pulling up and re-taping my sections or as he called it, “double-checking.” We also ran out of the blue tape so we ended up using the green stuff around doorways where paint lines aren’t as noticeable. (Which worked perfectly fine by the way)
DSC09305In the end, I know very well it’s a much better idea to take the time out and do it right. No sense in having to re-do a project or having a sub-par result. I also found entertainment in our house having a colorful green and blue outline throughout. We’ve since finished painting the living area (minus closet doors) and are now working on the decorating portion which makes me want to dance a jig because let’s face it, decor and accessories are really the most exciting part of a reno.
    DSC09308   On another note, you know something else thing I have little patience for? Messy table tops! For the past few weeks I haven’t seen the surface of my kitchen table. It’s hidden under this flurry of painting tools. I’m itching to put a colorful bowl of fruit on it or a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Painting can’t last forever… there has to be an end somewhere in sight and I’ll be waiting with a vase cocked and ready when it comes.
Stay tuned for more updates on the reno of our home to see what I do with the accessory portion of the projects. It’s coming soon!
*Photo credit Pinterest and Reckless Bliss*


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