Tuesday, June 28, 2011

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things *Part VI*

2. Getting the answer to Jeopardy questions right. Take that Trebek!

image3. Using fresh herbs you grew yourself.

4. Emails or comments from my readers and getting new followers is always a thrill for me. Keep ‘em coming folks!

image5. Ginger kitties. I love them all but gingers are extra special to me.

6.  A chilled nectarine on a hot summer afternoon.

Capture7 . Inane fun facts no one really cares about.

8. That moment after you’ve just read the last word of a novel and you pause to soak it in for the last time.

image 9. Being reminded why you love your partner.

10. Suddenly remembering a hilarious moment from your past that causes you to burst out in laughter but no one else knows why.

11. A random compliment from a total stranger.
12. Going outside and smelling BBQ nearby.

Do you have any fave moments you would like to share? Feel free!

*Photo credit Pinterest and Reckless Bliss*



Amber @ fromtheseeds said...

My favorite things lately have been watering the garden in the evening lately and hanging clothes on the line. Summer has so many beautiful gifts to offer us. That ginger kitten picture is adorable, I want to snuggle it to pieces.

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