Thursday, June 23, 2011

Anyone Up For Burning Their Bras?

image  I stumbled across this little article from 1955 that gave me such a hearty chuckle I had to share it with all the ladies out there. It’s hard to believe that this way of thinking was ever the norm and women blindly followed it. I can’t imagine living out my life in this controlled manner but I suppose when it’s all you know and have been taught it takes some of the sting out of it. Thank goodness for the most part this is a thing of the past.  If you haven’t already seen it, give it a read and try not to scoff, I dare ya!:

Did you make it all the way through without scoffing?
Me either, that last one especially gets me every time.

*Photo credit google images*


Amber @ fromtheseeds said...

I particularly like the line, "speak in a low soothing voice." I'm so glad we aren't in this generation anymore!

emily said...

I've seen this before and thought it was too funny (but shocking it was actually seriously printed).

Anonymous said...

I actually like the idea of some of them. Sure, some of them are quite ridiculous, but unless a woman works outside the home, the idea of a clean home and hot dinner when your man comes home from work should never go out of style :)

Thanks for sharing,

OnePerfectDay said...

Pretty scary actualy.....

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