Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It’s Coming…

Many of us have been waiting a long time…
a VERY long time…
  I mean seriously, like ages…
OK maybe I’m exaggerating a little on the “ages” part but still long…
but soon it will be upon us in all it’s glory…
and when it does, I’ll be bringing home some of these babies:
and plenty of these puppies: image
Next month an “Anthropologie” will officially be opening up shop 'round these here parts (these parts being BC, Canada) This tickles my pickle like it’s Christmas morning. Even though I can’t afford much from such a fancy store I do look forward to moseying and roaming the store as if I could.
Do you have an Anthropologie in your town? If so, do you shop there much? Or more of just a dreamer like me?
*Photo credit Anthropologie*


Amber @ fromtheseeds said...

*dieing of excitement!!*

Unknown said...

I'm happy for you! It is DUE TIME that Anthro set up shop in BC! We have 3 stores in the greater Seattle area! I purchase small items and clearance pieces on occasion. I bought tiny vintage tinsel for my chandie at Christmas. Most visits are for inspiration and to feed my creative soul! I love the windows and the energy I feel when I am in Anthropologie! Soooo love the name of your blog! (It could be the name of a store like Anthropologie!) Very Cool!

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