Friday, December 3, 2010

It’s Giveaway Day!

Rosanna Bowles ‘believes that dining together is a giving, loving—and truly fun—experience. In her opinion, entertaining can be effortless and elegant, and nearly any occasion is cause for a celebration, from major milestones to the smallest of moments. Whether it's a birthday party for the five-year-old, a glamorous soirée with the girls, or simply a romantic evening at home, stylish dishes turn any-and every day-into a special occasion.’ I could not agree more with Ms Bowles and thanks to her there is a beautiful array of dishes available to you for making that special occasion perfect. I’m a huge fan of Rosanna Inc, I think they are the perfect mix of fun and fancy yet still affordable. Here’s a few of my faves for your viewing pleasure:

image image
Christmas A La Mod & Decor Bon Bon

image image
Rococo Noir & Dauphine Candlesticks

image image
Red Dots & Gelato

To learn how to cultivate traditions and create community, look to Rosanna's first book, Coming Home: A Seasonal Guide to Creating Family Traditions. In this intimate and heartfelt book, Rosanna talks about the value of ritual, connection, family and returning home. She shares over fifty cherished family recipes and offers realistic suggestions of small ways to enrich our days and lives. Coming Home is a book that reveals what a home can be--a source of love, contentment and great joy. Here’s a peak at the inside of the book:

coming-home-2 coming-home-3
“The sustainability of the family and this very literal interpretation of the phrase “home-making” is an important message in my first book, Coming Home : A Seasonal Guide to Creating Family Traditions, which was released March 2010. In Coming Home, I explain how to live well all year long, paying attention to the seasons and adapting your home as the seasons change.”

coming-home-4 coming-home-5
I am super excited today to offer you a chance at winning Rosanna Bowles' first book, Coming Home: A Seasonal Guide to Creating Family Traditions! This book is the perfect Christmas gift for mom, sister, aunt, friend or even to yourself. It’s the perfect time to start some family traditions and get some great ideas for recipes. This contest is only open to the United States so if you live in another country or you just don’t want to risk missing out of your copy you can buy this book here or click the Amazon link below. Otherwise you can enter this contest for your chance at winning.



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