Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It’s Not Too Late!


Hey everyone, just wanted to write a quick post today. Hope all my Canadian followers had a delicious and happy Thanksgiving. Mine was great other than the fact that my pants feel much tighter. If the pumpkin pie wasn’t enough or you have “October Thanksgiving Day-Envy” then it’s still not too late to enter my giveaway for some yummy sweet treats. There’s approximately one hour left and it’s super easy to enter so don’t wait long!

Lots Of Love from Reckless Bliss !


Vanessa Stern said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I just love Charlie Brown, brings back so many great childhood memories!


Christina said...

Hi!! Thanks for visiting my blog!! I have got to say, I absolutely LOVE your blog!!! It has a perfect mix of everything I love! Consider me your newest follower!! :)

-Christina <3

CuddlesAndCamo said...

Your blog is beautiful!
Thanks for informing me that Sarah Jessica Parker was on Hocus Pocus...I had no idea that was her. For real.
PS Some secrets...I wish that someday I can have a spare bathroom for me to put up chandeliers and Audrey Hepburn pictures. :Sigh: Sadly I'm in a house full of boys. AND please send your recipe for Pumpkin Spice Lattes.

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