Sunday, July 25, 2010

Would You Wood?

Kitchen (55)

Some things will never go out of style. The humble butcher block counter top is one of those things. It can be versatile, environmentally friendly, inexpensive and very long lasting. Wood can also make for a great addition to an everyday traditional room, a modern contemporary look or a rustic country style. With all that how can you go wrong? Let’s have a look-see into the wondrous world of wood. (Try saying that five times fast!)


Here are three shining examples of wood at work in homey everyday traditional kitchens:



Whether you’re a professional chef or just need somewhere to make your kids pb&j sandwiches for school, having a wood counter brings a natural and functional warmth to kitchens that other materials can’t compete with. This particular blue kitchen has a beachy vibe to it yet the wood adds a down-home charming tone to it making it feel more like an everyday traditional kitchen.

Kitchen (56)


Here’s a look at three traditional contemporary kitchens working the wood:

kitchen (50)


Since some types of wood such as bamboo are sustainable, these counters are also a great green choice depending on the type you pick.  Untreated wood is the best renewable resource and requires much less industrial processing than other countertop materials. You can refer to The Forest Stewardship Council for the best choices when picking an eco-friendly wood. (PS. All three of these traditional contemporary kitchens are making me swoon like a lovesick teenager. You think they’d go steady with me?)

kitchen (35) 


Three examples of wood in rustic country kitchens:

 Kitchen (19)

Farmhouse Sink (11)

It’s said that wood counters will likely outlast the home owner who installs it due to it’s hard working surface. It will eventually wear with time but giving a hearty sanding and oiling makes it good as new again. Can’t do that with granite or marble!

kitchen (25)


Three examples of more uses for wood counters:



With wood counters you aren’t limited to just the kitchen. It can be just as hardworking in bathrooms and laundry rooms too. Having a lovely earthy elegance, the wood pairs beautifully with just about any material including metal, glass and lacquered cabinetry like you see here thus, making it a fail proof pick.


I read somewhere: “If granite countertops are the little black dress of countertop couture, butcher block countertops are the perfect pair of jeans,” and I thought that really said it best. So what are your thoughts on the matter? What’s your favourite countertop material? And the big question, would you wood? I would wood.


mama k said...

We have granite, but I really like the wood in the pictures you have up, and I'm sure my husband would too!

Martina said...

I love that first picture - the mix if elegant and sturdy - just right for me!

Anonymous said...

Love the second photo down, those cupboards are adorable and perfect. I love wood so much, great post. The different wood counters in the photos really make the rooms warm... I never thought to use it in a bathroom or laundry room, so neat!

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