Friday, July 9, 2010

Giveaway Winner!


It’s Friday which means the beautiful giveaway courtesy of “one9designs” has ended and a winner has officially been chosen which is oh-so-exciting. It also means my very first blog giveaway is complete and a success! I got a huge amount of entries with tons of awesome comments. Some made me laugh and some shocked me. I cannot believe some of the stuff you lucky ducks have won; it made me want to start entering giveaways. I had people enter who have won iPads-pods-phones (everything “i” related), computers, enormous amounts of money, exotic trips, high end fancy cars and the list goes on. I was gobsmacked!

I had so much fun reading everything but I also learned a few tips from this maiden experience such as, make it extra-extra-super-duper clear where and how to enter because so many people entered in the wrong spot which I felt really bad about. I also had quite a few entries that only consisted of a comment and no name or email to contact the person should they win or a name but no comment which seems unfair to the people who took the time to comment properly. Another thing I discovered was that people sign up as a follower, comment then un-follow right away. I figured this out because when I drew the first lady’s name I checked my followers and realized she wasn’t a follower which is perfectly fine (other than my bruised ego!) but part of the criteria to be entered was join as a follower so she was sadly disqualified and I moved on to the next person. I expected the person who wins to at least stick with Reckless Bliss until the contest closes haha. Oh well, let’s get to the fun part shall we?

I’m happy to announce that the winner is a lovely lady named Katherine. Here is her entry: Hi! What a great give away! I've never won anything from a giveaway, but I did once win a golf towel when I was in golf camp. Extremely exciting, right? If I won, I'd probably (selfishly) keep the prize for myself and get these rings: I love them! So dainty and pretty! I'm a follower, and thanks for the chance to win! :D Katherine

Thanks so much for all your entries and stay tuned because I have more great giveaways coming up very very soon that I think you guys will really like!


ilovemyhouse said...

I forgot to enter the give away. At least you know i'm a true follower who loves to read your blog :D Have a happy, happy weekend. XX

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