Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Spelling Manor For Sale

Built in 1990, Candy Spelling put her famous French style Bel Air (Holmby Hills) home on the market last year for $150 million dollars and said she would not be willing to lower the price and would rather take it off the market if interest was sluggish. That’s exactly what she did and now, a year later, it’s back up for grabs (I for one,didn’t realize things had gotten that much better in a year but who knows). The price hasn’t gone up but it’s still the most expensive home for sale in all of America.
The MLS listing describes the home  by saying: “the Manor is the largest and grandest private residence in Los Angeles. Beautifully positioned on nearly five acres of rare flat land, the Manor was built by entertainment royalty Candy and Aaron Spelling. The Manor blends visionary design, passionate consideration to detail, and unique artistic touches.” There is room for 100 cars
An incredible 14 bedrooms and 27 bathrooms is just the beginning of what this 4.69 acres 56,500 sq ft whooper boasts. The manor was originally set to be smaller in size but Candy has said that everything looked so small on the blueprint plans that she kept making it bigger because she didn’t understand how it worked. Here you see the double staircase which has 30-foot ceilings and French silk walls.
MLS informs us that the manor features “7 BR suites, a step-down formal living room, a projection room, bar, family room, an oak-panelled library, an office, a service wing, billiards room, game room, two lane bowling alley, wine cellar and tasting room, catering kitchen, gym and beauty salon.”
I can’t help but picture Candy rattling around in this big house all alone at night. Well relatively alone anyways, if you don’t count her extensive staff.
Seems like what would have been the late Aaron Spelling’s office perhaps.
I remember watching an interview with Candy not that long ago where she said she still hadn’t been in every single room and when asked specific details on the homes size she had to take long pauses and think about it. Big numbers to add up I’m guess.
This is also the grounds where Tori Spelling’s first wedding took place (you know, the one she ended after cheating with her now husband Dean McDermott?) I remember watching some TV special that featured the wedding and it was quite a sight to see. She has nothing but complaints about the wedding, I’d personally be so grateful to have the opportunity for a beautiful wedding like that myself.
The other night my fella and I were driving around looking at beach houses that were surely millions of dollars (nothing compared to this but still very expensive) and we were discussing whether or not we could buy and live in a home priced at upwards of $30 million assuming we had the funds to do so. He said no way, his explanation being, “does anyone really need that much house?”  Which is true, of course it’s not needed but my response was, “it’s called luxury for a reason my love.” If I’m being totally honest, when I’m not fantasizing about a ripped Hugh Jackman saving me from a burning building, I’m dreaming about owning a mansion of my own so I certainly wouldn’t turn up my nose at a deliciously decadent home but I would try to keep it reasonable (aka, a room devoted entirely to gift wrapping is not really necessary, sorry Candy).
What do you think about the idea of luxurious living spaces? Could you buy a multi-million dollar home complete with all the excessive amenities and extras if you had the money or would you rather keep it a little more subdued and down to earth? …..Do you think if my mansion was on fire there’s a chance Hugh would come to my rescue?
Please share your thoughts!
See the MLS listing for more deets on this impressive home.


Anonymous said...

I recently heard about her home going back up for sale.. what recession lol? I don't think I could live in a 30 million home.. Although if it was a home on 60 acres then I'd want to throw down that kind of cash.. room enough to build my own little town lol.

Mimi said...

i didn't know they were selling it. it's a beautiful house, no doubt. but i think it's way toooo big and expensive. :/

<3, Mimi

Unknown said...

i'll buy it......

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