Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Baby Shower Games and Cards

Hello my lovelies!
I’ve been posting up a storm here on Reckless Bliss about a baby shower I recently hosted. This will be the last post before I show you guys the actual shower pictures! Exciting right? I wanted to share the things I made -with the help of Microsoft paint- for games, cards and labels.
These are the games I cooked up for everyone to play during the shower:Baby Games (3)

Baby Games (4)

Baby Games (1) Pretty straightforward games right? (Message me if you want me to post the answers and I will) Everybody said the celebrity baby names game was the hardest one FYI.
I also made up some cards for everyone to fill out for Mama and the baby to keep forever and reflect back on. The first is an “Advice” card where each person gets an opportunity to dole out all the things they want to tell the new Mommy. Since the shower had a tea party theme I added some pretty teacup pictures I found on Pinterest to the side of the card. The second is a “well wishes” card for the baby, giving everyone a chance to say all the things they hope for the baby’s life to be rich with:Baby Games (2)

Baby Games (1)   
Lastly, I made some place cards keeping with the tea party theme to label the food for the guests:placecards

I used Pinterest, Graphics Fairy, and Microsoft Paint to mix all these components together and create shower fun. Stay tuned for my next post where I’ll be sharing these puppies in action along with all the rest of the baby shower decor and food.
(All photo property of Reckless Bliss)


Amber @ fromtheseeds said...

All of the games were fun :) I liked the celebrity baby name one best - love seeing all of those unique names.

Anonymous said...

could you please send me the answers for the wives tale game? acollins920@gmail.com

recklessbliss said...

Answers to Old Wives Tale Game:

1. A boy.

2. A girl.

3. A girl.

4. A girl.

5. A boy.

6. A boy.

7. A boy, because a girl steals her mother's beauty.

8. A boy.

9. A girl.

10. A boy.

11. A girl.

12. A boy.

13. A boy.

14. A girl.

15. A boy.

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