Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Win This Home!

imageThis sprawling 7,800 sq. ft. home is the grand prize in this year’s BC Children’s Hospital Lottery. It’s located in the prestigious High Point Equestrian Country Estates in southern  Langley BC and is worth over $2.4 million. I toured this gorgeous home today with my bud and I was thoroughly impressed. It felt really warm and inviting. It seemed to just go on and on forever; just when you thought you were done one floor there would suddenly be another hallway to meander down with more fully furnished rooms. It has five bedrooms and six bathrooms, a sauna, a gym, an indoor hockey rink, a media room and a wine cellar. The home comes fully furnished even including all the little accessories you see around the house. The furnishings alone are valued at $160,000. It also includes your choice of a Ford Edge SEL or $35,000 cash. To see it in pictures doesn’t really excite as much as seeing it up close but I thought I would share with you all what this casa has to offer.

image  Grand Foyer

imageYamaha Baby Grand Piano

image Living Room

imageSunken Dining Room

image I can see myself clumsily missing a step and spilling soup everywhere here.


image I salivate over a really good kitchen. I wasn’t in love with the back splash tiles in here but I did really like the clean counter top and the high end range. It felt very clean and warm in there.

imageEat-in Kitchen Area

image Just to the right of this picture is a gigantic pantry. We both had to sigh a little at just how wonderful it would be to have so much storage.

imageThe Office

image The Main Level Powder Room

image The Laundry/Mud Room

imageThe Master Bedroom

image This room was so huge with a loft and vaulted ceilings. It seemed like a really sweet escape to privacy from the rest of the home.

image The sitting area in the master bedroom complete with fireplace and leather sectional.

imageThis shot gives you an idea of how large it felt with the vaulted ceilings and large windows.

image Standing on the stairs looking down. That blanket on the bed was so soft, made me feel instantly sleepy. It was tough not to belly flop on that bed too.

image Loft in the master bedroom.

image Loft Sitting Area

image It felt like an awful lot of seating considering there would only be maximum two people in the room at one time (unless you really like to party). Plus with a TV up in the loft and one just below, you couldn’t ever watch TV at the same time so why bother? I guess there’s a lot of excessive things when you live in the lap of luxury.

image The Master Bathroom

imageThis was my bud’s favorite part of the whole house. She’s a “bath girl” so this infinity edge tub scored some major points with her. The fireplace didn’t hurt any either.

image I like how much storage was offered in the bathroom and the fireplace made it so warm and cozy.

image Shower and Steam Shower

imageWalk-in Closet 

imageThis huge closet is fit for Oprah. It’s literally as big as our entire living room of our apartment. Maybe even bigger. We tested out those drawers and they’re those fancy kind you can slam your fingers in.

image Teen Bedroom

imageThis room felt very retro to me. I would have like it back in my angst filled teen years. 

image Teen Bathroom

image Baby Bedroom

imageBoy Bedroom

imageThis was a really cute idea for a little kid to have their own storage space and store all their dust collecting game systems. Finding Nemo was playing on it when we toured which was extra cute.

image Kid’s Bathroom

imageTeen Work Space

image This whole area was for the kiddies to have a space just for homework then they have the space in the picture below for a hangout. It made me chuckle because this lifestyle is dramatically different from when I was a kid growing up.

image Teen Hangout

image Of course there’s a mini-fridge and sink in this huge room. What if little Timmy gets parched? Surely you can’t expect them to walk ALL the way to the kitchen. It always makes me wonder if kids in these types of neighborhoods know just how darn lucky they are to have so much. I hope so.

image Teen Powder Room. And yes, that’s a urinal.

imageGuest Bedroom

imageGuest Bathroom

image Rec Room

image I think my favorite thing in the house might just be that glorious fireplace in the rec room. It was a beauty!

imageBar/Wine Cellar

image There were countless places to store liquor in this home. I guess the rich like their merlot on hand wherever they are.

image The only thing the home didn’t include was all the wine bottles in the cellar. We checked, they were empty.

imageGames Room

image I have no doubt this would be my fella’s favorite spot in the house. I didn’t care much for the light fixture above the pool table but those leather chairs were very inviting.

imageMedia Room

image This room was twice as big as last year’s lottery house media room. The couch looks buttery soft and I love that spot light lamp.

image Home Gym

image This room was a bit of a tight squeeze but it looked like a perfectly suitable place to break a sweat.


imageIndoor Hockey Rink


Although they are located in the exact same neighborhood, this home is almost double the size of last year’s prize home which I blogged about here if you are interested in checking out. Tickets aren’t cheap at $100 for three but when you consider it’s for charity and that a limited quantity are sold within BC only therefore greatly increasing your chances, it really helps ease the blow. Plus there are hundreds of other prizes to be won. This home is actually one of four options you have to choose from should your ticket be drawn for the grand prize. It’s my personal favorite option but you could also go with an apartment in Victoria BC. that includes a travel package to London, a mini-cooper and $900,000. Or you can choose an apartment in downtown Vancouver BC. that includes a Ferrari, a trip to Italy and $1,000,000.  OR lastly, you can just take it all in cash and walk away with $2,000,000. I think I would still take the house because it was so dang nice.

Do you think this house is worth the ticket price? What option would you choose if you won?


Amber said...

Such a nice house. I love the exterior. I agree the backsplash in the kitchen seems a little off to me, but otherwise I love, love, love all the natural elements like wood and stone in this house.
That tub is so divine!
If I won I'd want to take the house just to live in it and play marco polo!

Handy Man, Crafty Woman said...

I have to laugh at huge houses with teen spaces, too. My parents would *NEVER* have let us have our own room, or area like that (even if our house was big enough to include a "teen space.")

SomethingSpecial. said...

Okay! Honestly, Who has 2.5 million dollars to spend on a house. Like sure I will admit it was a pretty nice house. It was way better then the house I live in. But this house just has way to much room. Who could use that all up?.
I went in this house on one of the days when they were showing it, It's way to big in my opinion. These house are made for dirty rich people with loads of money.

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