Monday, February 22, 2010

Craft Haven

(Style At Home)
Anyone that enjoys crafts like scrapbooking, card making, etc knows that it's tough to find a big enough and cleared working space to lay out all the tools and materials you need to create your masterpieces. I love crafty projects but being in a teeny apartment creates limitations on working space. Typically, I have to lay everything out on the floor and work from that. By the time I'm done finding everything buried in the closet and laying it out (not to mention having to pick it all up afterward) I've blown a whole afternoon on just hunting and gathering (it's not just for men anymore!). Along with crafts I am a wrapping paper and ribbon addict. Currently my 25+ rolls of wrapping paper are hidden under my bed like a dirty secret and the immense amount of ribbon is buried with it's lonely friends in the closet. I'm sure all you crafty lovers out there will join in my praise of the much coveted and seldom achievable "craft room."

The idea of it at first seems excessive to the average untrained non-crafter eye but just the same as dinner plates needs cupboards and books need shelves, craft supplies need homes too! A spot where ribbon spools no longer run rampant and unravel. Somewhere to have easy access to those pairs of scissors or jars of buttons without the much hated digging and searching. This post is some of my favorite inspirations for craft rooms that we all deserve to have.

I have to comment on the picture above because every time I see it I get excited. The mini espresso maker and mugs in your little hideaway was something I hadn't even thought about until I saw this picture from Style At Home. For all those late night or early morning crafters, this would be a great addition. In my home, I drink decaf and my husband likes the tough stuff but we only have the counter space for one coffee maker so our routine morning battle for coffee control would be settled if I was rocking a craft room like that. You think I could convince him I need a craft room in order to keep the peace between us? Probably pushing it a bit.....

(Pottery Barn)
If you already have a working office space in your home it could be a great area to add onto for your craft room. I love the multifunctional aspects to this room. They make some fabulous software for crafts now so having a computer and printer on hand in your craft room would be the bees knees. This space needs another chair on the right set up with a sewing machine for fabric crafts. And clearly, BC needs a Pottery Barn to feed my needs!

(Pottery Barn)
I like that the doors can open and close on the wrapping paper holder on the wall because not only does it make for an easy escape from any mess in the cupboard but the inside of the doors also give the smaller space an extra spot for supplies which helps to utilize every available inch. I'm a fan of the calming colours of this room as well.

(Martha Stewart)
I could not possibly mention crafts and craft rooms without mentioning the reigning queen of domestic hobbies. This is a shot of the craft room Martha Stewart has in one of her homes. You can bet there isn't a paper clip out of place in this room. I always picture her walking around the house with white gloves to test the housekeepers work like a Sgt. in the military while the help forms an orderly line and holds their breath in anticipation. Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of her work but you can't help but notice the woman likes things done a certain way!

(Haute Living)
When I first heard about the Spelling manor and the infamous "wrapping paper room" I was drooling while everyone else was shaking their heads in disbelief. I would be in heaven to have all my rolls and ribbons lined up and ready for action. Can you imagine how simple it would make even just the zillions of gifts you have to wrap at Christmas? But if you are still leaning on the "unnecessary" end of the spectrum look at it this way: if they really need three rooms to hold gift wrap then that must mean they are generous gift giving people!

I'm eager to hear your thoughts on the matter. Are craft rooms a silly waste of space or a necessity for every crafter? Please let me know if you have a craft room too, I would love to have a peak at your little haven!


alissa {33shadesofgreen} said...

I love all of these photos. . I would happily take any of them! I am lucky enough to have a craft room, but it's really in need of a little organization. Because it's a seperate room, I seem to let it get a little messy because I can shut the door and forget about it! I'm thinking of cleaning it up and posting pictures sometime soon.

I just noticed you have my blog listed on your blogroll -thanks, you made my day!

recklessbliss said...

I would love to see it when you're ready, let me know! No prob on the blog roll, I'm a big fan of your blog so I gave you a shout out on mine ;)

Post Imperfect said...

Have you seen ? It might help with your Pottery Barn issues! In fact Anna has plans very similar to the desks in the pics you've included.

I have big plans... Just need to clear some space to work :)

recklessbliss said...

We actually got a pottery barn here now but yes I have seen knock off wood. Her stuff is amazing! Thanks for sharing

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