Enjoy this compilation of beautiful fashion and beauty from posts from Reckless Bliss in the order in which they've been featured:
Kate Spade:
kate spade I love  Kate Spade designs for the simplistic style and use of colors. Of course it isn’t taken seriously as a realistic wardrobe option for a cheapo like myself but it’s always fun to look at “haute couture” from the top designers. The average person can’t typically see themselves wearing such frou-frou clothes from most over-the-top designers but with Kate Spade you get both the designer name and ease of wear. Another thing I love about Kate Spade is there is a huge array of items to chose from so you don’t have to limit your favorite designer to just your clothes or shoes. You can also find jewelery, accessories, beauty, home decor, baby items and stationary all under the same place. These are a few collections of  colorful items that have me swooning for summer time from the Kate Spade website: 

image image
Date night Ring $55 / Sea Glass Triple Strand Short Necklace $228
image image
Fiorella May Lever-Back Earrings $68 / Stand Tall Idiom Bangle $88
Laurel Valley Small Karen $325 / Fan Court Stevie $295
Chrystie Street Large Anisha $445 / Grand Street Gabriel $475

image image
Ikat Caroline Dress $325 / Primerose Top $225
image image
Kati Beaded Cardigan $295 / Terrazzo Aubrey Wrap Dress $375

image image
Fawna $285 / Melania $250
image image
Charmer $325 / Elena $198

image image
Aimee $178 / Live Colorfully Gift Set $30
image image
Camelia Avenue Posey Vase $25 / Shady Side Dipped Scarf $95
*Photo credit*

2011Golden Globes
I always try to catch award shows when they’re on TV if for nothing else then to check out all the beautiful gowns the ladies wear on the red carpet. I usually get distracted once the awards actually start because the speeches tend to be long and droning. (God bless the mute button.) It always annoys me when people act like they’re so shocked they won then they nonchalantly whip out three pages of people to thank and are eventually cut off by music - which only seems to make them talk louder. This years golden globes had some hits and misses in the style department but because I’m nothing but nice spirited *cough cough* I’m just going to share my personal fave looks of the night and not the blunders. 
image My absolute favorite look of the night is this sexy stunner worn by Mad Men’s January Jones. She is the Versace golden girl for their line of accessories so I suppose it only makes sense to wear the threads to match.
I thought Ms Olivia Wilde carried this ball gown style Marchesa dress very well. It reminds me of going to the planetarium as a kid and watching the stars. Very sparkly and elegant which can’t miss on a lady. 
Angelina Jolie looked so beautiful in this emerald colored Versace gown and what I liked about this so much was how it goes to show more skin doesn’t mean more beautiful. She’s completely covered up and classy looking yet she still oozes sexiness. The color really brings out her eyes and accents her long dark hair as well.
image Eva Longoria is always beautiful but this classic Zac Posen dress was especially sophisticated on her. It has an open back was well as the plunging neck line but I felt like the neck line. She has such a perfect little body she probably looks great in everything.
imagePregnant and glowing, Ms Jane Krakowski was gorgeous in this one-shoulder silvery blue Badgely Mischka number. She is pregnant with her first child and really seemed so content all night which I always like to see.

*Photo credit Google Images*
Bergdorf Jewelry

Happy 2011! I hope everyone had a fun and safe New Year's celebration. I personally spent the first half asleep at home. I passed out some time around 7-8pm (because I'm 94 years old) but I woke up at 11:30ish just in time to see the New Year arrive. My fella and I sat and watched the cars go through the road checks right outside our apartment (three people ended up getting towed). That was our exciting start to the year but we were safe and warm and not being towed away so I was pleased as punch. I haven't thought of any New Year's resolutions yet; I feel like I'm just kidding myself when I do but I suppose it never hurts to try to better yourself. One thing I really hope to accomplish this year is to buy a house ...which I guess means saving and scrimping and begging and pleading??? If it does happen and I FINALLY get a house then my year will be complete! So in the spirit of saving money I thought we could all do something extravagant window shopping and take in some beautiful necklaces from the oh-so-fancy Bergdorf Goodman's.
I'm including this one because if I was rich I would buy this for my Ma. She loves this fun chunky jewelry which I can't really pull off but I live vicariously through her fearless style.
 Oscar de la Renta 
Multi-Stone Necklace
  Price $595
These bib style necklaces are such an easy way to dress up a plain shirt. I see them everywhere in all sorts of styles. You can just interchange them over otherwise slightly boring shirts and suddenly they're dressy and bedazzled!
Stone Bib Necklace
 Price $695
Remember a couple years back when turquoise was all the rage in jewelry? I don't know much about trends, it could still very well be a big hit. It's an extremely bold color which reminds me so much of warm weather and beach side living.
Jose & Maria Barrera
 Stone Pendant Necklace
Price $1,190

I'm crazy about this charcoal and gold colored necklace. It has such a nice natural tone to it but is still really glitzy and sparkly. Is it weird to be head over heels in love with the color gray? It's just so versatile and purdy. 
Round Gypsy Enhancer
Price $2,660

When I first saw this I thought it was a bracelet but this is actually a funky coral necklace. I really love coral as a color for accessories. It's such a vibrant hit of flash. The different beads and layering of this piece had me gaga right away.
Jose & Maria Barrera
Twisted Coral Bead Necklace
Price $590

I thought this super simple quartz necklace was so sweet looking. A dainty gold chain and a neutral pendant are such good staples for pairing with different outfits and dressing up or down. All these pieces are over $500 but you can find so many versions of these styles at regular people stores to duplicate the look without worrying about losing your house when the credit card bill comes.
Quartz Lollipop-Pendant Necklace
Price $895

*Photo credit Bergdorf Goodman*
Elie Saab Bridal
Elie Saab is one of my top three favorite designers. His designs leave me in awe because they are so feminine and elegant. Never have I wished more that I was wafer thin and dripping with excess cash. I’m going to have to do another post one day of his non-bridal collections as well but I thought it’d be fun to start with some gorgeous white gowns meant for the big day.


This one is very light and ethereal; oozes femininity. I’m not much into the poufy look but Saab does poufy right because this dress is simply stunning.



I am in love with this dress. I think sleeves are a hard thing to make work on a wedding gown but this dress is fabulous. Some ladies don’t care for lace but I like the dainty look of it.




I love the details in this dress. It’s really intricate and interesting to look at.


eliesaab3.5 eliesaab3

It’s hard to choose a favorite but this one (Cassandra) takes the cake with me. It’s glamorous but still a little sexy with the long slit. If I looked half as good as this dame in it I would seriously consider splurging on it …and crossing my fingers that I get proposed to post haste.



Flowing and fabulous. Do they let you have fans at the alter? I’d insist on it with this yowza.



This one is called Pisces which just happens to be my sign thingy so I think it’s also a sign I should be having a wedding and sport this Elie Saab gown. A bit of a stretch I know, but I don’t care!

Let’s have a quick look at some of your favorite (and most hated) celebs rocking Saab creations:


Christina Aguilera


Halle Berry


Marcia Cross




Milla Jovovich


Rachel Evan Wood

Lastly, one last look at what we’re all here for; a fine looking wedding gown:

Orion By Elie Saab

*Photo credit Elie Saab*

What girl doesn’t like a little flash? A little sparkle? A little razz-ma-tazz? I first learned about the store Tiffany’s, after watching that classic Audrey Hepburn movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” when I was a young girl. One of my favorite parts was when they went into Tiffany’s and could only afford to spend $10 so they had the cracker jack box ring engraved. The man working the counter tells them, “Well, it is rather unusual, Madam, but I think you’ll find that Tiffany’s is very understanding.” What a nice chap eh? Today I want to share some of my favorite Tiffany’s items that don’t quite fall under the $10 price cap but they do fall under squeal with glee and forget your own name!

Imported Tiffany Diamond Ring $6,930,000

Above is the priciest ring at Tiffany’s. It’s an “Imported Tiffany Diamond Ring” and costs $6,930,000. Could you imagine walking around with that hum-dinger on your hand? Probably break it right off.

Jean Schlumberger Four Leaves Ring $9,350

This leafy beauty is called the “Jean Schlumberger Four Leaves Ring” and comes in at $9,350 which is relatively tame compared to it’s little friend above.

Tiffany Novo $13,300 Tiffany Novo $13,300 2

I included this sparkly set because it’s my dream wedding band and engagement ring set (if I had money coming out the rear and a fella that would quit dragging his feet in the nuptials department) It’s the “Tiffany’s Novo” wedding set and costs $13,300… and would look perfect on my dainty finger.

Lucida Diamond Pendant $220,000

Now for some necklace ogling. This delicate piece is called the “Lucida Diamond Pendant” and will cost ya $220,000.

Tiffanys Green Tourmaline Pendant $105,000

I love a little colour in my jewellery and green is flattering on everyone so you can’t miss with this stunner. It’s called “Tiffany’s Green Tourmaline Pendant” at $105,000.

Tiffany Majestic Diamond Necklace $1,650,000

I’m not a flashy person but something about this necklace grabbed my eye and now I just can’t look away. It’s elegant yet fierce with it’s sharp points. It’s called the “Tiffany Majestic Diamond Necklace” and will take you for a cool $1,650,000.

Tiffanys Morganite Swag Necklace $20,500

For the girly girls like myself, this drop necklace is perfect. It’s just so dang feminine and pretty. It’s called “Tiffany’s Morganite Swag Necklace” and will set you back $20,500. I’d sell my car for this necklace, heck I’d sell my soul for this pink beauty.

Paloma's Marrakesh earrings $1,800

These Moroccan inspired earrings immediately caught my eye. They seem like the perfect Summer accessory. They’re called “Paloma’s Marrakesh Earrings” and cost $1,800.

Christmas Tree Charm Bracelet $4,550

And lastly, because I’m a sucker for anything Christmas and this was just so darn cute I’m including this “Christmas Tree Charm Bracelet.” To get the charm and the chain together it will cost $4,550.

*Photo credit*
Badgley Mischka

Badgley Mischka is an American fashion label designed by Mark Badgley and James Mischka. This brilliant duo make the perfect pair as they are partners in business and love. Together, they create some amazing fashions-my personal faves being the elegant evening gowns. They also design bridal gowns, fragrances, handbags, shoes and eyewear. The lucky spokesmodels for Badgley Mischka have been Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Sharon Stone and Teri Hatcher. I’m sharing some of my favourite bridal gowns, ads and celebs sporting these gorgeous duds for this girl moments segment.





Badgley Mischka wedding dresses are so ethereal and feminine in their design. The fabrics used to make the gowns gives a soft flowing appearance. I could see myself gliding down the aisle in any of these gowns; unfortunately it’s the cookie aisle in Safeway because my fella is seriously dragging his feet in that department… do I sound hostile?






Who could forget Charlotte’s second (and much more successful) wedding to Harry in Sex and the City? And the wedding dress she wore? You guessed it, Badgley Mischka. I think Anthony said it best when Charlotte first debuted the gown: "You look like Audrey Hepburn...owitz!"


Badlgey Mischka bridal appeared again in Sex and the City but this time on Carrie. She wore this gown to a ball in the episode where her and Aiden (*pause and sigh for Aiden*) had a tiff over her wearing her engagement ring as a necklace. I believe that was the end of the couple’s relationship. But hey, she looked fabulous in this wedding dress….even though her not wanting to don a wedding gown and say, "I do" was the exact problem they had. I wonder if they did that on purpose for irony’s sake? Anyhoo, here’s a better look at the gown she wore:


Now for the celeb’s who share my love of all that is Badgley Mischka:

bmcu bmcu1.

Carrie Underwood

bmhm bmql

Helen Mirren and Queen Latifah

bmts2 bmts

Taylor Swift

These are some of the ads Teri Hatcher and the Olsen twins did for the designers (see Sharon Stone’s at the top of this post):



image image

I’m not a big Olsen twins fan but these ads are pretty snazzy. I lurrrrve the blue gown on Mary-Kate! (Sadly, I can immediately tell them apart because I was a HUGE fan when I was a little girl and spent many precious hours reading their books and watching the corny movies they put out. I guess they were the Hannah Montana of my day.)

*Photo credit Badgley Mischka*

Sergio Rossi
sergio rossi

There’s something about a high heel shoe that makes a girl feel instantly sexier when she slips it on. Sergio Rossi is an Italian shoe maker that started out making shoes in the 50’s with his father and later honed his craft to create these amazing shoes you see here. I personally adore his platform pumps more than anything but they’re all beautiful. Rossi uses a lot of daring colours and patterns in his styles for the bolder gal too which you can see more of on the Sergio Rossi website. I have to admit that even though I enjoy leering at these beauties I cannot walk in heels anymore to save my life. At 5’9 I rarely feel comfortable wearing heels because I typically tower over people in sneakers but now I’ve gone too long without wearing them and it’s just a train wreck when I put on a pair. But…but maybe I could buy a pair and put them on a shelf like art or only wear them sitting down on the couch while I watch TV? Either way I’d like to own a pair of these puppies one day.

Now it’s that time again for some pure girl fun. Set your peepers on ogle and let’s go!:


Platform Sandals $750


Slingback Sandals $414


Platform Pumps $690

sergio rossi SIGAR CADE SANDAL PUMPS $449

Sandal Pumps $449

sergio rossi MOCHA LEATHER SANDAL $409

Leather Sandals $409


Gladiator Sandals $449


Evening Sandals $409


Color Block Wedges $409

Here’s a look at some of your favorite celebs sporting Rossi’s designs:

jennifer lopez

Jennifer Lopez


Anna Kendrick

sandra bullock

Sandra Bullock

elisabeth banks

Elisabeth Banks


Kristen Stewart

emily blunt

Emily Blunt

*Photo credit Sergio Rossi*

Herve Leger
herve leger spring 2010 herve leger spring 2010 2

There are times when I think to myself, ‘even if I were rich I don’t think I could spend thousands of dollars on designer clothes.’ Then there are times when I find a designer like Herve Leger and every moral I thought I had is wiped clean and I would mortgage my life for one dress-especially that sparkly little black number above. All girls need to indulge on a little sparkle in their lives and if I thought for a second that I could squeeze my rear end into one of these works of art I would have one hanging in my closet right now. Who needs a car anyways right? These are my favourite dresses for the spring and pre-fall 2010 collection by the brilliant Herve Leger.

herve leger pre-fall 2010 2

herve leger black front-keyhole beaded gown $20000 herve leger black front-keyhole beaded gown $20000 2

Black Front Key-hole Beaded Gown $20,000 (no that's not a misprint)

herve leger fig v-neck crystal-link bandage dress $3950 herve leger fig v-neck crystal-link bandage dress $3950 2

Fig V-neck Crystal-link Bandage Dress $3950

herve leger pre-fall 2010 4

herve leger bright violet scoop bandage dress $1050 herve leger bright violet scoop bandage dress $1050 2

Bright Violet Scoop Bandage Dress $1050

herve leger light pearl sleeveless glass beaded dress $4900 herve leger light pearl sleeveless glass beaded dress $4900 2

Light Pearl Sleeveless Glass Beaded Dress $4900

herve leger pre-fall 2010 3

herve leger sunburst sweetheart bandage dress $1280 herve leger sunburst sweetheart bandage dress $1280 2

Sunburst Sweetheart Bandage Dress $1280

herve leger light pearl strapless chevron-illusion beaded dress $3900 herve leger light pearl strapless chevron-illusion beaded dress $3900 2

Light Pearl Strapless Chevron-illusion Beaded Dress $3900

herve leger pre-fall 2010

herve leger bare crystal-link bandage top $2500 herve leger bare crystal-link bandage top $2500 2

Bare Crystal-link Bandage Top $2500

herve leger bandage dress $3200 herve leger bandage dress $3200 2

Bandage Dress $3200

Ahhh, wasn’t that dazzling? We’ve seen them on super skinny size toothpick models, now let’s see how they look on some semi-real life women in Hollywood. I think Kate is rocking it the best because girlfriend has actual curves and looks more like the rest of us. It looks like the dress was made for her. But enough talk, let’s set our phasers on stunned and move along:

image image

Kristen Bell and Kate Winslet

image image

Victoria Beckham and Amanda Bynes

image image

Miley Cyrus and Kate Hudson

*Photo credit Herve Leger*

MAC TO THE BEACH mac to the beach2

MAC launched a new line of cosmetics for the start of beach season that are really flirty and fun. All very sunny and bright colours, they make a gal wanna hit the sandy shore with a big towel and some oversized sun glasses.

MAC describes the new line as such: The seaside has a kind of golden, sexy alchemy we're all drawn to. This collection encapsulates it with the most soothing, sultry shades of summertime. A safe way to bronze, beautify, and get colour that looks sun-kissed. Close your eyes, and go To The Beach!

Couldn’t have said it better myself MAC. Now let’s have a little look-see at what they came up with to smear on my face.

Eye Shadow $14.50 (U.S.)

Sand & Sun -Light peach (Matte)

Firecracker -Frosted mid-tone red-orange (Veluxe Pearl)

Sweet & Punchy -Bright yellow-green (Veluxe Pearl)

Shimmermoss -Green with green pearl (Veluxe Pearl)

Humid -Intense green with shimmer (Frost)

Dontcha just love the packaging? That’s always my weakest spot. I’d buy poison if they put in a pretty enough package. Makes you wonder how much time they spend on the presentation vs. the actual product.

Lipstick $14.00 (U.S.)

Beach Bound -Sheer frosted pale peach (Glaze)

Lazy Day -Light dirty blue-pink (Lustre)

Thrills -Rosy copper with gold pearl (Frost)

Fun Bathing -Mid-tone bronzed plum (Creme Sheen)

Lip Glass $14.00 (U.S.)

Easy Lounger -Light baby pink with multi-dimensional pearl

Flurry of Fun -Sheer sparkly peach

Splashing -Mid-tone blue pink with soft gold pearl

Thanks for making my lips glossy and sparkly Mr. Seahorse!

Lip Pencil $13.00 (U.S.)

Life’s a Breeze -Soft pink

Temperature Rising -Loudmouth orange

Eye Kohl $14.50 (U.S.)

Float on By -Dark green turquoise

Rosemary & Thyme -Mid-tone olive gold with shimmer

I wish I were daring enough to try different coloured eye liners but alas, they make me feel like I’m trying out for the ice capades. Clown college anyone?

Powder Blush $18.50 (U.S.)

Hipness -Intense coral with soft white pearl (Frost)

Get-Away Bronze -Mid-tone suntan (Frost)

High-Light Powder $26.00 (U.S.)

Marine Life -Multi-color pressed powder

Why Mr. Sea Horse, so nice to see you again. You’re looking well.

Cream Bronzer $25.00 (U.S.)

Beach Bronze -Golden glow with soft gold finish

Weekend Mid-tone deep orange-brown with soft pink pearl

Bronzing Powder $22.00 (U.S.)

Golden -Muted golden tan-beige with golden shimmer

Refined Golden -Finely spun golden with soft pearl finish

What’s a beach look without a little bronzer on your cheeks? Nothing, that’s what. It can be really tricky to apply when you’re a pasty white girl like me though.

Lustre Drops $18.50 (U.S.)

Pink Rebel -Blue-pink with gold pearl

Sun Rush -Peachy bronze with gold pearl

I don’t know what a “lustre drop” is but I know I want it…. I want to be lustrous too.

Bronze Body Oil $22.00 (U.S.)

Glowing -Tan with multi-dimensional golden shimmer

May as well bronze up those gams while you’re at it!

Nail Lacquer $12.00 (U.S.)

In the Buff -Muted taupe avocado (Cream)

Scorcher -Creamy bright coral-red (Cream)

Brush 130 Short Duo Fibre $38.00 (U.S.)

A short, round dual fibre with flat head composed of both natural bristles and synthetic fibres ideal for application with creams, emulsions & various powder products.

Brush 131 Short Duo Fibre Powder/Blush $34.00 (U.S.)

Flat, tapered face brush that contains a combination of short, natural, fibers and longer, fibre optic fibres ideal for light application and highlighting/ shading with various face powders; Ideally suited with mineralize skinfinish powder products.

Not sure why it needs it’s own set of “beach brushes” but who am I to question the skilled masterminds at MAC? Is it just me or does it look like a cat’s paw coming out of the end of the stick? Someone get that kitty outta there stat!

MAC To The Beach Bag $49.50 (U.S.)

Available only at MAC store -Limited edition

And of course you need a bag to store all this stuff in along with your towel and sunscreen but don’t fret cuz they got your back there too. Gee MAC, you really thought of everything, you’re swell. Now let’s hit the waves!

*Photo credit MAC*

Diane Von Furstenburg
It's time for one of my favorite things to do: kick back and soak in the pretty. DVF is one of my absolute favorite designers because her designs are classic and most importantly wearable. Let's have a look at some of my top favs.

*Photo credit Diane Von Furstenburg*

Alexander McQueen
Time for a "kick off the shoes and relax" girl moment starring one of my favorite designers Alexander McQueen (RIP). The following divine pictures are from the McQueen Fall/Winter 2010 collection. They are so intricate and beautiful, he does really amazing works of art. The clothes look like they were created for 16th century royalty. So sit back and take it all in!


*Photo credit Alexander McQueen*
Most of the 2010 Emmy gowns really caught my attention this year. One designer that I am never disappointed by is Marchesa. The designer has the most beautiful gowns I have ever seen. All designers have a few "out there" dresses you could never wear in real life but most of Marchesa's are feminine and have soft lines without being too over the top. Give yourself a "girly break" and check out a few pics of some of the gowns I've collected from the Marchesa Resort 2010 and Fall 2009 collection. You can find these and much more on the Marchesa website.

This dress actually reminds me of fancy pajamas you would see on ladies from a show like Madmen, which is set in the 60's. Even just dutifully cooking breakfast in the morning, the ladies always looking stunning for their husbands. I look more like a disheveled mountain goat when I pour my morning coffee. Thank god for the feminist movement!

Love the intricate pattern on this little number. Very eye-catching.

I first saw this gorgeous gown on Ms Selena Gomez at the 2010 Emmy Awards. Floor-length and a sweet heart neckline makes this dress impossible to ignore. I love a gown that makes it easy in the jewelry department too. With the jeweled neckline you don't need to think about what necklace to wear. If I was wearing this gown I don't think I would ever stop twirling in circles!

Breath taking Selena Gomez at the Emmy 2010 Awards in the Marchesa gown.

If you've got the legs show'em!

I think this dress does all the talking for itself. Like wearing a cloud.

*Photo credit Marchesa*

Disney Weddings

You always hear bride's on their wedding day say, "I feel like a princess!" Well now you can be one step even closer thanks to the good folks at Disney who have created a wedding apparel line for that special day. I have to admit when I first heard about it I chuckled to myself because I pictured exploding puffy nightmares but when I checked it out I was rather surprised. The line is actually decent in terms of wedding gowns and jewelry and being that there is a line themed for each princess you have a variety of styles to choose from. However, it is certainly not cheap. The rings range from $1,200-$6000 which is no spare change but probably fairly comparative to other sets from regular stores. I couldn't find much in the way of prices for gowns but I really like that they made a corresponding line for each set containing maidens gowns, flower girl dresses and plus size gowns along with some jewelry pieces to pick from. I chose some of my favorites from each princess line and all of the weddings ring sets to show to all of you. If you and your prince charming are planning on making it official I wouldn't count these out!


Beautiful sweetheart neckline, a really simple gown but so elegant.

I think this was the nicest engagement and wedding band set of all the other options.


There were many tiaras. I'm not big on them but this one was simple and pretty.


She is my favorite Disney princess but I was really disappointed in her dresses. This was the nicest one she had but I wasn't head over heels for it. I expected more grandeur and to really play up the ball gown look.

Belle did have the best maiden gowns of the bunch, these two were breath taking.

Loving the wedding band.

This necklace reminded me of something you would see at Harry Winston or Tiffanys.

Hair pin


A fun and playful dress. It would look adorable in a summer wedding outdoors in a garden.

Fabulous blue on this little number.


Most dresses I see don't really need an eye catching necklace unless they're really simple because the gown speaks for itself. Simple necklaces like this are always a keeper for a little extra razzle dazzle down the aisle without distracting from the dress or the bride herself.


This gown looks Grecian to me, especially with the hair done like that.

I think purple is a fail safe colour for women because it looks good on everyone. This knock out plum coloured beauty does not disappoint.

Princess Blossom Dress


This was my favorite gown. I'm in love with a capped sleeve, it's so feminine and classy. I hope I can find (and fit into!) a dress this gorgeous if I get married.

A really fun and flirty strapless tea length maids dress. This would look fantastic in an Autumn or Spring wedding.

Of course you need a "princess" cut engagement ring!

Stunning classic pearl drop earrings would pair perfectly with the sleeping beauty gown.

Snow White

Most of Snow White's gowns were a touch ho-hum but some brides love a clean simple look so these are catering to those ladies.

Wouldn't this wine coloured maiden's dress look awesome in a winter wedding? It looks like a dress you may actually be able to re-wear too!

Princess Blossom Dress

Hair Pin

Disney also makes veils to go with their line but they are not princess specific. This one was my favorite, the rest are pretty standard as far as veils go.

 *Photo credit Disney Bridal (Kristie Kelly for Disney by Mouawad)*

Jewelry Amour
I love a good piece of jewelry. It's like wearing fabulous art around your neck, wrist, finger or dangling from your lobes. I have my favorite pieces on display in my house. Some are so unique it's hard to find the right venue to wear them to, not to mention outfit. Every time I come across a piece I love I save the picture so here are a few of my current faves. All of them can be found at Anthropologie, JCrew and Mod Cloth (an online store). We don't have Anthropologie or JCrew in BC which is a bummer so I often find myself perusing the websites. You Americans are lucky ducks!

JCrew -I think this JCrew necklace is really sweet looking. I picture it over a plain white button shirt at the office or maybe an otherwise boring dress that needs a little something to give it a boost.

Anthropologie -These type of earrings are great to have as go-to jewelry when you want a little extra sparkle. Really simple and fun to throw on for a night at the movies or shopping. Casual but you still look great and pulled together without too much effort.

Anthropologie -This looks so spacely and out of this world to me. Like a little piece of the moon surrounded by stars. Mysterious yet chic.

Anthropologie -This bracelet is really the cats pajamas. I pictured wearing this to a family Easter dinner or really any spring time event. Heck, I would wear this while doing my spring cleaning it's so cute and fun!

Anthropologie -I love the new trend with necklaces when they have the side clasp and the various necklaces dropping down from it. It channels an early 1930's flapper sort of look.

Mod Cloth -These look so bohemian and gypsy, they are bound to draw some eyes your way. I thought they were stunning.

Mod Cloth -This was named the Interior Design necklace and I think it's a suited name with all the various shapes and the unusual wood tone. I would be impressed if a designer showed up to my house sporting this baby, talk about confidence!

Mod Cloth -Love this coral necklace for a day on the beach or paired with a white or black dress for a night out.

Mod Cloth -This ring is called Knock on Wood, I thought it was so sophisticated looking plus handy for all the superstitious people out there.

Mod Cloth -I think this would be adorable to wear at a tea party themed shower or out to brunch with your girlfriends or mom. Talk about dressing for the occasion!

Anthropologie Necklace -I love Purple, it's so regal, this necklace makes a big statement. Bow before your queen!

JCrew Bracelet -Very J-lo Diva. Perfect for drinks with the ladies or a cocktail party.
*Photo credit and JCrew*

*None of these companies mentioned above have any affiliation with Reckless Bliss and thus I receive no compensation to sing their praises. I'm just a gal who enjoys an eyeful of fashion and beauty every now and then.*