Monday, February 13, 2012

How Do You Show Your L-O-V-E?

DSC00894As you probably know V-day is among us. Some people take it very seriously while others don’t acknowledge it at all, or even detest it. I’ve shared my feelings about it last Valentine’s day which you can check out here. I’d say overall, I’m pretty neutral about the whole thing. I like the idea of a special day to focus on your lover but I also recognize the whole corporate side of it. I feel like it’s only as commercial as you make it. My fella doesn’t have to sweat about fancy reservations or what gift to get me, which in a way, is my Valentine’s day gift to him. He never reads my blog so I’m safe sharing my plans for this year. My gift is going to be a pair of my old pajama pants that are riddled with holes and so over washed you can see right through them. “Weird” you say? I know, but he’s been begging me to throw them out for over a year and I keep putting up a fight so I’m going to show my love by surrendering and tossing my beloved old jammies in the trash thus, finally ending the epic battle. That’s about as un-commercial as it gets right?
DSC00869One thing I can’t resist for most holidays is the decorating! I didn’t go to over the top this year since we are in the midst of some renovating (more on that later) but I did do a little display in our dining room which I figured I’d share with all you fellow lovers of decorating and just plain lovers ;)
  DSC00872 To add a touch of V-day spirit I tied little pink ribbons around my white Ikea candle sticks and stacked some of my amour inspired books under what is actually a gold stocking holder but I really liked the look of it for year round decor.
  DSC00895The fleur de lis style of this golden gem makes me think of France, which makes me think of Paris and what’s more freaking romantic than the city of love for Valentine’s day? The books below it are some random sweetheart-esque picks from my collection. Starting from the top; English Romantic Poetry: An Anthology, Pride and Prejudice, The Love Poems by Yeats, Smitten, and People Magazine’s: The Greatest Weddings Of All Time.

DSC00873I made the framed “Love” picture with some scrapbook paper and dollar store stickers. The dried flowers are from my fella’s high school graduation a billion years ago. His mom made the corsage for me and I cherish it; I have his framed in another room. The owl is a bookend from Chapters that I really wanted and stalked for weeks until it went on sale then I snatched him and his twin partner up on a steal.
           DSC00877This glass dessert stand holds four cute little white candles that I also tied some pink ribbon around.
      DSC00871 Up top I have another owl friend displaying some blooming hearts and a baroque style frame that I previously repurposed which you can see here. I hung some little felt hearts from string with clothes pins which I also found at the dollar store. The LOVE sign was another dollar store find which I’d say pretty much gets the whole “Valentine” message across. As for the pear, well, my fella loves pears and I liked the way it looked so that’s a good enough reason as any in my books!

DSC00868  So that’s how we’re rocking Valentine’s day in my little house! How about you? Any special plans or pretty decorations buzzing love songs around your life? Feel free to share your sweet nothings here.

  Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!


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Amber @ fromtheseeds said...

I love your Valentines day set up! The little bows on your candle sticks are adorable. I don't have big plans - I made some cute Valentines for the kids at work and I made one for my beau but that's about it!

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