Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Mid-January Life

Capture I haven’t been doing too stellar of a job keeping up with blogging lately. Life seems to just get in the way at times. I have been keeping busy with various things however, none of which are altogether very exciting but what good is blogging if you can’t share your ho-hum life with people so I’m going to reveal my mid-January life to you readers out there and convince myself it’s worth while to give a read! Isn’t that kind of the whole gist of blogs anyways? Let’s find out!

DSC00675I’ll start off with how most conversation commence, the weather. This shot is from my backyard taken earlier today.
  DSC00711The snow has been coming down in buckets and as much as I love the beauty in it, I do get nervous about people out on the roads.
  DSC00708It’s suppose to get to minus 20 tonight with wind chill.
   DSC00687So needless to say, it be cold ‘round here!

imageI’m currently in the midst of planning a baby shower for my (as the kids say) “BFF” and even though the gender of the baby will remain a mystery to the end we’ve agreed on a tea party theme. A lot of my time has been invested in browsing antique stores and thrift shops looking for vintage teacups and saucers or planning menus and invites. I’ll be sure to post more on that later as the plans grow more complete.
 DSC00778 Since we’re on the subject of planning, I’m also trying to put together a memorable trip to Las Vegas. My fella and I have never been on a single vacation in seven and a half years so we decided it’s time! We’re hoping to go mid-March when it warms up a little. My big push for the bright lights is purely based on the fact that Ms Celine Dion is performing her show at Cesar’s Palace but lucky for me (and my fella), it’s a pretty inexpensive trip to take and offers plenty more to do for the non-Celine obsessed. If any have you have been and can offer advice on hotels or can’t-miss activities please do so!
   DSC00700 I’ve really been soaking in the birdie visits to my backyard since the snowfall.
  DSC00698We usually always have bird food out but when it snows like this I make sure of it.
 DSC00703Those chickadees and sparrows need to keep their bellies plump.
       DSC00724       I must admit I’m not the biggest fan of bird watching in my house. My devilish young Henri has grown an affinity for it as well. Don’t let his angelic white color fool you, he’s pure trouble. Lucky for the birds, he’s also an indoor cat.
   DSC00747He’s got plenty to keep him busy indoors though. Got to get out that pent up hunting aggression somehow…
  DSC00719So the birdies are safe from the wrath of Henri the Horrible for now.
DSC00757Looming in the not too distant future is also my MIL’s birthday which means the task of finding the perfect gift and making a personalized card. I went with a cooking theme as you can plainly see; the woman loves her cooking.

DSC00773 Unfortunately, the inside completely alludes me as to what to write. One must be heartfelt, humorous, and poignant yet beware to not cross the territory line of offensive or lewd. Or maybe I put too much pressure on myself and a simple Happy Birthday would suffice?…. Naaaah, I’m pretty certain the words should rival Shakespeare and draw tears. Ideas anyone?

image  And with any good (and highly over-thought) card comes an equally important gift. She requested Faith Hill’s new perfume “True” which I of course ran out and got the next day (and by ran out I mean: crossed a border and went to five different stores to find.)

DSC00754I also picked up this cutesy little gardening box for herbs from Michael’s. Don’t you hate it when you buy something as a gift then grow overly fond of it while it sits in wait to be given away? Should have bought two!
image For Christmas my fella hit the nail on the head gift wise and got me this beauty. Every morning (and afternoon and night) this little gadget from Breville is hard at working chasing away my winter chills. It makes espresso, lattes, cappucinos, tea lattes, steams milk; I don’t think I’ve ever had so many hot beverages in such a short span of time. A big round of applause for my guy picking this out all on his own. (VERY unlike him and thus even more meaningful)
    imageWhilst sipping my fancy beverages, I’ve also been reading as if I’m about to lose my eye sight, which makes for very little time to blog, do housework, bathe, etc. You know how it is :) I just polished off this book, The Story Of Beautiful Girl which I really enjoyed on a whole and would recommend. I also fell victim to some impulsive online shopping and picked up a few books I’ve been meaning to add to my collection:
They’re both really fun little books. The first is very nostalgic and a reminder of all the little things we’ve stopped doing in our society but shouldn’t have. The second is an up-beat, feel good, quick read full of positive messages to give your day a little boost. If I’m being honest, I bought it because I loved the cover but the inside had plenty to offer too.
  image So that pretty much sums up my mid-January of 2012.  I’m eager to know what you’ve all been up to. Making resolutions and such, no doubt. 
If you have the time to share then I’d love to read about it!
(Photos property of Reckless Bliss and credits to Pinterest and Google Images)


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Love all of the snowy pictures! Your January looks like it is off to a lovely start. I'm pretty sure I'm going to need to get a cappuccino/hot beverage maker - they look so cozy and yummy!

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