Thursday, November 24, 2011

My Favorite Things *Part VII Gobble! Gobble!*

image  A big hearty Happy Thanksgiving to all my lovely American readers!
Even though us Canadians celebrated our Thanksgiving in early October I am still enjoying all the holiday TV specials and envying the yummy meals you guys get to feast on this evening. In the spirit of Thanksgiving I decided today is a perfect day to express what I am thankful for as I’m sure most of you guys are doing at home as well. Family, friends, etc. is implied so I’m going to add a few other things I love to love!:

image 1. Free Printables
image 2. Beautiful Flowy Scarves

image 3. Apple Cider

image 4. Public Libraries
image 5. All Christmas, All The Time, Radio Stations

image  6. Things That Make Me Go, “Aww!”
Capture 7. Nostalgia

image 8. Owls
image  9. Things That Make You Feel Like A Lady
image10. Warm Socks
image 11. Romance
  image  12. Laughter!

Once again, a very Happy Thanksgiving to you all! (and good luck if you are braving tomorrow’s sales!)

(Picture credits Pinterest)


Natasha in Oz said...

What a fun post! I have been listening to Christmas Carols since October!

Best wishes,

Amber @ fromtheseeds said...

Love this! The parachute thing was the best gym class ever! So much fun!

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