Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ornate Frame DIY

DSC08996My sweet dear old mama decided she wanted to do some redecorating at her house and wanted to toss out these spiffy (and outdated) pictures. Before they met their end I snatched them up and told her I had big plans to re-vamp these babies. That was sort of half true…

DSC08990She got them from my grandma’s house after her passing. They do have a very antique-y baroque look to them that does sort of say, “To grandmother’s house we go!”

DSC08998I’m not saying they’re ugly or anything; I’m sure in the right setting they would fit right in. However, that setting is not in my house. But as I was saying, I had big plans in my head for these guys. I do have plants to give them a fresh new look but past that point I’m hitting a dead-end.

DSC08993 I thought they had really nice details and would make a very dainty touch to a girly girl’s room like mine.
DSC08995That is to say, after some major elbow grease to scrub off the 20 plus years of accumulated gunk built up. Cue the Q-tips and rubbing alcohol.

DSC09002I did feel a little hesitant to tear into these suckers. They put in so many years of hard work decorating lovely ladies spaces. But then I got over it…

DSC09000After some prying and splinters and a little bit of banging on the ugly carpet floor, I managed to remove the ‘painted’ canvas from the gold frame. Right after this I spray painted my little heart out. After a few coats of an ivory white I got this:
DSC09243 So cute right? I managed to get the dainty girl look I was hoping for. Success! But going to my original point. ‘What to do now? What to do now?’ Maybe you guys can help me out in some kind of vote or advice, I’ll take what I can get.

So far these are some of the DIY ideas that I’m digging. Some of them would need tweaking to fit my frames but I’m using these images as inspiration for the final product:
imageCute canvas look with a DIY’ed fabric flower
imageCanvas with a family letter or some other meaningful symbol
Using them as 3-D frames to show cases items rather than pictures
image Bulletin board frame

image   Chalkboard frame

image Simple look of empty frames on a shelf
So what do you guys think? Any winner ideas in the bunch or is there some other fabulous project I’m missing out on completely? I’m anxious to get these purdy frames back in action. Share your thoughts!
*Photo credit Reckless Bliss and Pinterest*


Teresa said...

How about a jewelry holder like this?

Amber @ fromtheseeds said...

I love the burlap and the little flower rosettes - that would be very cute! I'm also leaning towards the bulletin board.
Something like this also might be cute,
I also really like the 3d frames one you have where there is a hook inside the picture frame that is very creative!

recklessbliss said...

I like the jewelry holder idea but I've made a version of one already so I'd love to try something new. You can see the one I DIY'ed here if you like:

Thanks for the ideas!

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